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This is a master list of the episodic MacGyver icon batches I am making/have made. 52/139

Season 1:

Pilot, The Golden Triangle, Thief of Budapest, The Gauntlet, The Heist, Trumbo's World, Last Stand, Hellfire, The Prodigal, Target MacGyver, Nightmares, Deathlock, Flame's End, Countdown, The Enemy Within, Every Time She Smiles, To Be A Man, Ugly Duckling, Slow Death, The Escape, A Prisoner of Conscience, The Assassin

Season 2:

The Human Factor, The Eraser, Twice Stung, The Wish Child, Final Approach, Jack of Lies, The Road Not Taken, Eagles, Silent World, Three for the Road, Phoenix Under Siege, Family Matter, Soft Touch, Birth Day, Pirates, Out in the Cold, Dalton, Jack of Spies, Partners, Bushmaster, Friends, D.O.A. MacGyver, For Love or Money

Season 3:

Lost Love I, Lost Love II, Back from the Dead, Ghost Ship, Fire & Ice, GX-1, Jack in the Box, The Widowmaker, Hell Week, Blow Out, Kill Zone, Early Retirement, Thin Ice, The Old Triple, The Negotiator, The Spoilers, Mask of the Wolf, Rock the Cradle, The Endangered, Murderer's Sky

Season 4:

The Secret of Parker House, Blood Brothers, The Outsiders, On a Wing and a Prayer, Collision Course, The Survivors, Deadly Dreams, Ma Dalton, Cleo Rocks, Fraternity of Thieves, The Battle of Tommy Giordano, The Challenge, Runners, Gold Rush, The Invisible Killer, Brainwashed, Easy Target, Renegade, Unfinished Business

Season 5:

Legend of the Holy Rose I, Legend of the Holy Rose II, The Black Corsage, Cease Fire, Second Chance, Halloween Knights, Children of Light, Black Rhino, The Ten Percent Solution, Two Times Trouble, The Madonna, Serenity, Live and Learn, Log Jam, The Treasure of Manco, Jenny's Chance, Deep Cover, The Lost Amadeus, Hearts of Steel, Rush to Judgement, Passages

Season 6:

Tough Boys, Humanity, The Gun, Twenty Questions, The Wall, Lessons in Evil, Harry's Will, MacGyver's Women, Bitter Harvest, The Visitor, Squeeze Play, Jerico Games, The Wasteland, Eye of Osiris, High Control, There But for the Grace, Blind Faith, Faith, Hope & Charity, Strictly Business, Trail of Tears, Hind-Sight

Season 7:

Honest Abe, The 'Hood, Obsessed, The Prometheus Syndrome, The Coltons, Walking Dead, Good Knight MacGyver I, Good Knight MacGyver II, Deadly Silents, Split Decision, Gunz n' Boyz, Off the Wall, The Stringer, The Mountain of Youth

Lost Treasure of Atlantis

Trail To Doomsday

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