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Eleven wallpapers, fifty-five manips, two hundred and ninety-four icons, and part of story...

For the love of fandom. <3

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A lively discussion on Facebook about time travel in the SG verse has prompted me to finally sit down and write up a way in which it is *our* SG-1 that survives these encounters that usually end with our Heroes dying… heroically.

Ok, so the Stargate writers weren’t exactly the most consistent folks when it came to time travel. They employed two of the three basic theories of time travel, as seen in this graphic, which I think most of us are familiar with. We can list which episode use which theories quite easily:

*Warning* May induce headaches of an existential nature )
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I've been thinking about this for a while, seeing reactions to fan arts from old fans, new fans, artistically inclined fans, and those who appreciate it. I want to share just what goes into making a typical photo manipulation since that is one of my more prolific ventures in fan art. Now, I have done a tutorial of sorts before, which can be found here. But I guess this is more for those who dont particpate in fan art to see the many things that can go into creating such an image beside the pasting of heads onto bodies.

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All fannish offerings minus zines etc. How did I do so much stuff? o.O

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I finally managed to watch the entirety of SGU. There were some decent sci fi elements in there with signs of intelligent design in the universe’s background radiation and the search for that life being Destiny’s mission (did the ancients send probes or something less techy then a whole bloody spaceship before Destiny and the seed ships?) The character development was wishy washy, the stereotypes like Greer were painful at times, but by the end, some of the characters were a wee bit more likeable I suppose.

Now, coming to watch this show as an SG-1 fan (and a woman (gasp horror, the demographic!) won’t somebody think of the children?), the biggest question I wanted answered by the end of it was – what happened to Jack O’Neill?

I thought they would have at least mentioned him in passing when Homeworld Security was blown up by the Lucian Alliance. Was he there? Was he injured? How far away was he from the explosion? Did he get a dose of radiation poisoning from proximity? A fair amount of the episode was set in the Pentagon. I kind of madly want fic about this.

Then! Then, when they do get the stones working again, we see Telford using Jack’s office. I couldn’t see much of the background because of the way the show was shot with the zooming around and the out of focus areas, so it was near impossible to know if any of Jack’s personal effects were still in there or if he was gone, elsewhere.

Where’s our Jack?

And the other kicker is McBoobs (I can’t remember *all* the names) casually mentions that Daniel and McKay are working together at the SGC now… bleh. Daniel’s supposed to be in Washington with Jack. :P

(And can anyone remember if a Goa'uld manufactured the naquahdria on Langara, or if it was already there? Could naquahdria exist elsewhere in the milky way for them to dial the ninth chevron without a ZedPM?)
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I am mid way through season four of Atlantis on my rewatch of the entire Stargate franchise (what? Infinity? Um...), and what is really striking me by this point is the lack of moral input when it comes to the plans they devise. Where is their Daniel? Elizabeth played this role somewhat, but she let things get out of hand as far back as Michael. Now (Be All My Sins Remember'd) Rodney creates F.R.A.N. and argues to Sam that she is not even alive. This is completely at odds with Sam's beliefs expressed in Unnatural Selection, as well as her experiences with Reese and Fifth. (I am not even going to go into the subtext of having a programmable woman with these writers). There was such an opportunity for Sam to bring her close personal experience with Replicators to the fore, and nothing. Here she is free to express her opinion and ideas, she is not Jack's underling merely following orders, and she's letting MacKay convince her otherwise? This also speaks to the many wasted opportunites that having Sam in a command position could have entailed.

I feel Atlantis, especially in the later years, has a lack of idea exchange (mirrors the behind the scenes stuff, huh). Teyla objects some, but she exerts no great influence over those making the decisions. It's such a shame because that ever present arguement was one of the core driving forces in the original series, and it adds a much needed layer to the process of making those all important decisions before and during the battle.

Atlantis needed a Daniel.

That just happens to be the way I feel about it. What do you think?
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Behind the scenes at Bridge - how the boys club affected the Stargate franchise and alienated its viewers. This one links to [personal profile] campylobacter 's tumblr, and I hope she doesn't mind, because hers had a great continuation of the thread of conversation. It's a fair read, but there is a lot of insight into the workings behind the Stargate franchise and the individual plays of both cast and crew.There are a lot of valid ideas here.

"Richard Dean Anderson is...?" This one questions and rallies against the culture of body shaming actors just because they are in the public eye. It focuses primarily on the media and fan attacks upon RDA's weight gain, and questions the reasons behind why people feel such comments need to be made.
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Continuing on my Stargate SG-1 rewatch, I am up to Foothold thus far. What I love about this series is noticing something new (at least new to my obtuse observation) each time. My question or discussion about Foothold relates to the abilities of the device the aliens wore on their chests to project (shape shift?) the image of SGC personel. Specifically the aliens impersonating Jack and Daniel.

One would assume that when Jack and Daniel were put through the machine in order to create the devices to mimic their images and thoughts, they would have been wearing the uniforms they were wearing upon return from their mission to the rainy planet. This is also evident when real Jack awakens and is in his uniform t shirt and pants.

How then would the aliens impersonating them be able to display the image of them wearing civvie clothing?

Does the device alter the shape of the aliens, thus allowing them to steal clothing from the locker room to wear? - If so, where did these clothes go when the aliens were revealed on the plane? Maybourne's ability to put his hand around alien Daniel's neck would suggest he was that physical shape.

Is the memory device able to comprehend Jack and Daniel's lack of fashion choices and in tandem with the image device create a plaid shirt?

Where did alien Jack and Daniel get their sunglasses from if it is just a projection? They wouldn't fit on their alien heads.

Did the aliens do Jack's pants back up after he was stabbed in the butt?

Did Sam take a peek when she looked like Daniel?

Hand wave?
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I would like to preface this by saying that these thoughts are not based upon any particular work, nor the works of my flist, rather I have been having a trawl through the good ol' Area 52 and reading a little more fan fiction than I normally would (TV is on repeats and it's nice to curl up with the laptop on these cold winter nights :P).

What is it with this prevalence in slash fiction for having one or both characters express most often than not in a rather drone diatribe their complete sexual history and stance on sexual labels before gettin' down and dirty? It disrupts the flow of narrative, having this sudden recall of events that don't further the story itself but serve only to flesh out these suddenly homosexual characters.

Are these authors feeling as if they have to justify and somehow rationalise placing those characters in a homosexual context? I don't see the point as none of them has expressed completely heterosexual leanings, rather the subtext tends to go screaming in the other direction. :P *cleans fogged slash goggles*

Has anyone written these kinds of back stories for other reasons?
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I've finally gotten that itch back to get on with making some slashy manips. I have been neglecting my poor OTP and this needs to be rectified immediately! Of course I must point out just how inspired I am by [personal profile] eilidh17  's work of late, do check out her brilliance.

But, I have noticed recently a small backlash against manippers as to how realistic their work is as a favoured character's head (and this is how I see the image I am using - as a character, not the actor) is photoshopped onto the most buffed, oiled bodies one can find with Google images at their mercy. What is more important, the realness of the image you are creating, or the fantasy you are projecting?

I work predominately with Stargate, many a pairing, but by far most of my photo manipulations are of the Jack/Daniel variety so I will be writing with that frame of reference.

Firstly, I will admit that a fair few of the images I have created over the years don't look all that realistic. They're not particularly skilled either, but hey, we're all learning here. ;D I have given Daniel a hairy bum and Jack pecks of doom...

Now that I am older and marginally wiser, I do take the time to search for bodies that look similar to those of the characters. I want to make it easy for my audience to fall into that image and gain from that what they will - be it a laugh or a fic bunny etc. Jack is slightly taller than Daniel, Daniel in the later seasons is more muscled, yadda yadda. A nice hard look at the original bodies of those you wish to portray can go a long way to helping you find images that will closely match and 'fit' when the head/neck is attached. Hey, it's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it... ;D

But, that is just my personal preference. I want to go for the more 'realistic' look because I want to bring to life a possibility, a little slice of life, a scenario that someone like me who thinks more pictorially than anything else can look at as a 'reality' somewhere, somehow... If that can develop or continue to grow in someone else's mind or work, great!

That said, I have absolutely no problem either, with using more (subjectively) unrealistic bodies to create images of fantasy. I don't see this as the artist being unskilled or stupid, but rather wanting to stretch the boundaries or confines of the character's perceived 'reality' and giving us something that is rather damn pretty to look at. Hell, throw in some wings or tentacles and we've got ourselves a party!

They're varying degrees of the same damn thing.

All artistic endeavours and opinions on thus are subjective. There are varying degrees of skill with all of us and I've never thought of art as being in need of particularly strong judgement anyway. All we can do is present an idea, what the viewer takes away from that can be good or bad, but nonetheless varied and invocative of both parties.
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Ok, so 'Uninvited' season 10, Landry says Daniel is 'Still in England' because you know, he's searching for very important information to save the galaxy yadda yadda and that he's met some Lord or Earl with Morgan and Merlin reference materials right? The 'still' implies to me that Daniel is staying there a little longer than he or perhaps they had expected...

Jump forward a few months later, 'The Return', season 3 of Atlantis, Jack is kicking it in the Pegasus galaxy when all hell breaks loose as it tends to do around mid season and Jack finds himself tortured by replicators (again!) How does he manage to deal with his lot? "I like to close my eyes and think of England."

Yeah he does! ;)

I call secret sexy rendezvous! Shacked up in the UK somewhere, perhaps a quaint bed and breakfast? You know how hard it is to do it in a London cab?!

* Did Daniel perhaps fudge his acquaintance with said Lord or Earl to grab a little time with his beau?

* Or did Jack surprise him and whisk him off to the countryside?

* Did Jack offer to be Daniel's study buddy and end up having to Google the best way to remove stains from old parchment?

* Will the Replicators one day invade England for the secrets to the perfect scone recipe and time travel via Tardis?

* Who is going to write this fic? :P
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So Ark of Truth finally came out in Australia on Wednesday. I picked up a copy at JB Hi-Fi first thing (I was going out that way anyway), Chey didn't like sitting in the car for 5 minutes all that much. If the car is moving, she loves it, but once we're stationary, it's boring and she wants out.

Overall, I give the film a B+. There are quite a few areas in which I thought there could have been a bit of improvement, and certain themes could have been expanded upon, given that this movie was supposed to tie up the majority of loose ends from seasons 9 and 10.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth )

I have also been talking with [ profile] quarryquest for some time now about Daniel's torture scenes. From her descriptions I was already getting ideas about writing a little something like this:

The Ark of Daniel )
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I have wanted to write meta on this scene since forever, I’ve always put it off for time, mood, laziness and a myriad of other excuses. But yesterday, [ profile] quarryquest and I were discussing it and she was offering some wonderful insights, particularly into Daniel’s body language and general character. I’ve read tons of different interpretations of this scene, including MS’ in an interview he gave last year, deconstructing his own character, and the scene still fascinates me in that it’s not typical!Daniel, but not exactly out of character either, there’s a middle ground, and the same goes for Vala. They find themselves in a new situation that neither expected and both are equally lost.

Read more... ) Was Daniel an asshat? Yes. Should Vala just have taken his ravings without a word? No. But an interesting and complex scene none the less.
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A while back, I mentioned I had ordered season 5 of MacGyver. Well it finally arrived on Monday and I've spent this week in Mac!mania. Yellow trucks, and omnipresent blue shirts aside (Maybe it's just me, but I don't think blue is his best colour) I love this show for it's dated quirks, lolworthy hair/clothes, macgyverisms, and best of all Richard Dean Anderson. :P

Today I finished the season, and may I say what a treat it was to watch Passages. I was totally surprised at just how touching the episode was, and how well it was done. In particular, Mac's meeting with his dead parents on the Osiris. Basically, Mac is in a coma for the majority of the episode, having sustained a massive head injury from a 3 storey high fall after he was thrown off a building, and landed on a car. He finds himself in a sort of limbo between life and death in which he follows Harry who he sees in his hospital room into the white light and finds himself on a dock with a large ship - the Osiris before him. On the ship, Mac catches up with Harry and is then reunited with his parents.

At first there's that raw anguish, the remembered pain of loss. This is the first time he's seeing either one of them in such a long time.

And then pure bliss at being able to hold them, the flood of love, relief, joy.

He doesn't want to let either go.

And as they sit down and chat on the deck, it reminded me in a way of Meridian. Both Mac and Daniel express their regret and sorrow for what they thought they should have done - Daniel not saving Sha're, Mac not being there when his mother died/not being able to save his father and grandmother, and believe that they are of less worth because of their actions. The individuals in Mac's family all play different aspects of the Oma role, his mother is the nurturer, unconditional love, his father is wisdom, full of life lessons he never got to teach Mac, and Harry, Harry is his conscience, reminding him of what he's leaving behind by altering his path.

Mac realises that in order to save Pete (who is being targeted by some Egyptians who stole a relic and want to frame him), he must say goodbye to his family, and in doing so finds the closure he needs for the previous issues so he may continue on his journey.

And he's back

(We interrupt this for a Gratuitous half naked pic!)

But it will take a while before his motor functions come back because if the nature of his head injury. He's aware, he needs to save Pete, and he can barely move.

Pete knows Mac has something to say. Mac can move his fingers slightly, and gives him a tray full of talcum powder to write in. He dobs in the baddies and they're dealt with.

Mac knows he gave up his parents for this. And his heart is broken all over again.

with that single tear.

But you know what? He'll be ok.

I find the all white clothing very symbolic. He has a sense of peace about him now. His past has been more or less dealt with now, and this is really the opposite of walking into the white light, in a way, all that was beyond it is now within him.

And he can let himself be that much happier.

Because we all love that smile. :P

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