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I did a Tumblr.
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Seems everyone is having trouble with Windows live messenger at the moment, and hopefully it will be fixed soon, but here's a quick alternative fix until Microsoft get around to it.

Open Windows live messenger > tools > options > sign in > untick 'Sign me out of all other places when I sign into Messenger'

Then sign into your hotmail account and at the top right on the screen click on Messenger > Sign into Messenger (Web)

This seems to work for me and others on my contact list. Kudos to [ profile] rogue_ashrak's 1337 skillz. :P
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I saw this on tv a few days ago and was so glad someone was able to upload it to You Tube because it's a great idea...with a really poor execution. I think I was ok up until Larry starts rubbing himself on the glass window in front of the children, then it got a bit weird...then weirder...

This is what you get for watching daytime television...
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Why don't early morning religious programs have that 'supernatural themes' warning at the beginning?

I find Benny Hinn more terrifying than The Yellow-Eyed Demon and the Charmed sisters...but Shannen Doherty comes pretty fucking close...

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Plasmo was one of my favourite shows as a kid. A claymation space opera comedy? I'm there. :P The original short film was made in 1989, and then a series of 5 minute episodes were made in 1997 (think Farscape for 10 year olds!). This toothpaste line has stayed with me since I first saw it. I remember thinking it was so incredibly deep, heh!


May. 8th, 2009 07:56 pm
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Picked this up in Subway tonight with dinner. Saved my maniacal laughter until I was out of the store, heh.

Hehehe )
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So I'm watching this French archeology doco on SBS 'The Rise of Man'. They're talking about Sumerian cuneiform *wet floppy haired Daniel flashbacks*, and then go on to say that all written languages today are phonetic, and that pictographs have died out. I laughed, and immediately thought of smilies...




Hehe! XD
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Deer Norvan Hemosfeer,

Plz b sendin ur snowz 2 me in envolope. *iz hot dowin undah*

Luv, Moi...


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