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May as well keep track of these... 32/214 episodes 2/3 movies so far...

Stargate: The Movie

Season 1:

Children Of The Gods, The Enemy Within, Emancipation, The Broca Divide, The First Commandment, Cold Lazarus, The Nox, Brief Candle, Thor's Hammer, The Torment Of Tantalus, Bloodlines, Fire & Water, Hathor, Singularity, Cor-ai, Enigma, Solitudes, Tin Man, There But For the Grace Of God, Politics, Within The Serpent's Grasp

Season 2:

The Serpent's Lair, In The Line Of Duty, Prisoners, The Gamekeeper, Need, Thor's Chariot, Message In A Bottle, Family, Secrets, Bane, The Tok'ra I, The Tok'ra II, Spirits, Touchstone, The Fifth Race, A Matter Of Time, Holiday, Serpent's Song, One False Step, Show And Tell, 1969, Out Of Mind

Season 3:

Into The Fire, Seth, Fair Game, Legacy, Learning Curve, Point Of View, Deadman's Switch, Demons, Rules Of Engagement, Forever In A Day, Past & Present, Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know, Foothold, Pretense, Urgo, A Hundred Days, Shades Of Grey, New Ground, Maternal Instinct, Crystal Skull, Nemesis

Season 4:

Small Victories, The Other Side, Upgrades, Crossroads, Divide & Conquer, Window Of Opportunity, Watergate, The First Ones, Scorched Earth, Beneath The Surface, Point Of No Return, Tangent, The Curse, The Serpent's Venom, Chain Reaction, 2010, Absolute Power, The Light, Prodigy, Entity, Double Jeopardy, Exodus

Season 5:

Enemies, Threshold, Ascension, The Fifth Man, Red Sky, The Rite Of Passage, Beast Of Burden, The Tomb, Between Two Fires, 2001, Desperate Measures, Wormhole X-Treme, Proving Ground, 48 Hours, Summit, Last Stand, Fail Safe, The Warrior, Menace, The Sentinel, Meridian, Revelations

Season 6:

Redemption I, Redemption II, Descent, Frozen, Nightwalkers, Abyss, Shadow Play, The Other Guys, Allegiance, Cure, Prometheus, Unnatural Selection, Sight Unseen, Smoke & Mirrors, Paradise Lost, Metamorphosis, Disclosure, Forsaken, The Changeling, Memento, Prophecy, Full Circle

Season 7:

Fallen, Homecoming, Fragile Balance, Orpheus, Revisions, Lifeboat, Enemy Mine, Space Race, Avenger 2.0, Birthright, Evolution I, Evolution II, Grace, Fallout, Chimera, Death Knell, Heroes I, Heroes II, Resurrection, Inauguration, Lost City I, Lost City II

Season 8:

New Order I, New Order II, Lockdown, Zero Hour, Icon, Avatar, Affinity, Covenant, Sacrifices, Endgame, Gemini, Prometheus Unbound, It's Good To Be King, Full Alert, Citizen Joe, Reckoning I, Reckoning II, Threads, Moebius I, Moebius II

Season 9:

Avalon I, Avalon II, Origin, The Ties That Bind, The Powers That Be, Beachhead, Ex Deus Machina, Babylon, Prototype, The Fourth Horseman I, The Fourth Horseman II, Collateral Damage, Ripple Effect, Stronghold, Ethon, Off The Grid, The Scourge, Arthur's Mantle, Crusade, Camelot

Season 10:

Flesh & Blood, Morpheus, The Pegasus Project, Insiders, Uninvited, 200, Counterstrike, Memento Mori, Company Of Thieves, The Quest I, The Quest II, Line In The Sand, The Road Not Taken, The Shroud, Bounty, Bad Guys, Talion, Family Ties, Dominion, Unending

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