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I know there are a few fans of this show abroad on here, so in case you haven't heard, season 2 of Please Like Me is back on Pivot in the US on August 8th, 10:30PM, and on ABC2 in Oz on August 12, 9:30PM.

Season 2 will comprise of 10 episodes and the cast has expanded to include some fantastic talent such as Denise Drysdale and Hannah Gadsby!

Pivot has yet to share a trailer for the US season online, so I hope this video works elsewhere. Can't wait! <3
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Talking podcasts with campylobacter on twitter, I am not sure how popular they are here in general, but I just love them. Here are a few of my favourites if anyone is interested in dipping their toes into the podcast pool. And please, if you have any favourites to share, leave a comment too!

The podcasts )

I do listen to a few more, but they are rather niche, whereas these are probably the most accessable for a global audience.

* Note, iTunes links are to the Australian iTunes website. If you have trouble gaining access via elsewhere, podcasts are available through the iTunes store directly, and all are free.
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Farscape writer and lead singer of Machine Gun Fellatio, Pinky Beecroft was this week's guest on Wil Anderson's podcast 'Wilosophy', wherein he discusses sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and writing for TV/movies in Australia.

Available for download here, or subscribe to the podcast here.
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There's an election tomorrow, maybe you've heard. I cannot urge strongly enough to any Aussies on my flist, please vote below the line - keep the power of preferences in your hands. There have been so many dodgy deals done for this election - the Animal Justice party have preferenced One Nation, and Wikileaks have preferenced the Shooters & Fishers party, it's one big WTF. Check out for an easy way to figure out *your* preferences below the line for the Senate and preferences for the House of Reps. This site provides links to all of the party's websites where you can read up on their policies. As you can imagine, I am all for not only having everyone as informed as possible, but preventing Tony Abbott from holding power in both houses.

It will come as no surprise of course that I will be supporting the Greens tomorrow, and have to share the blooper video of Queensland's top candidate, Adam Stone, for shits and giggles because everything else about this election is depressing as all hell.

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No one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom." - Tony Abbott, 12.8.2013

That shrub wants to run my country. :P


Jul. 28th, 2013 12:47 pm
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Cocktapus )

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"Everyone's Waiting" another absolutely beautiful film clip to go with equally haunting lyrics. The imagery is indicative of a large part of my life also as you can imagine, so I am already in love with it. *g* Back story for the song can be found here (Hannah is totes hitting on Missy the whole time, bwaha!). Much love.

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Brendan Maclean "Practically Wasted"

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Have to share Missy Higgins' new song 'Unashamed Desire' because it and she are simply beautiful! The video is so sexy and sensual and yet has that gorgeous sense of rawness and honesty I so love about her work. <3 <3 <3

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Because there's nothing suspicious about Hamish winning gold for a 6 week long channel 9 show that averaged half a million viewers, right? Here is Adam's rather Gervais inspired opening for the Logies. Probably the harshest I have ever seen from him, but really - it's more than deserved. Don't watch if you actually like the Kardashians in *any* way..

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Firstly, damn you Campy! I still cannot disassociate that image... Secondly, have any other Aussies watched this film yet? I can completely understand how the plethora of soapie um..stars would be offputting, but it's Michael Shanks, and there is that twinge of guilt those of us in the arts feel if we don't fully support our wee fledging film industry, amiright? *sigh* I had hoped since Screen Tasmania had a hand in it's production that we could avoid all of the dodgy Australianisms that tend to come forward when a film is made for an American audience. C'mon, they're smart enough to know we don't spend all day drinking Fosters at the local pub and calling everyone 'mate'. But, it was an ok watch otherwise, an interesting mixture of Australian and Canadian production very evident throughout. In fact a group of us watched this with almost non stop laughter and I have the notes I jotted below:

Why you don't wear a Hawaiian shirt in the Southern Ocean in Spring... )


Aug. 27th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Christopher Judge hamming it up as' Teal'c' on The 7PM Project tonight: (he's in the Adelaide segment)

*is totally jealous of Adelaide & Perth right now* MEGA POUT...
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From last night's Yes We Canberra - Andrew takes on both of Australia's major parties' discriminating policies on gay marriage in the form of an Old Spice ad:

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OMG channel 10 bought the rights for SGU already and they're playing it over the summer.

Well, after what they did to BSG.... heh...
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Dingo killed after lunging at child

Stop letting kids run around Fraser Island when you know there are endangered wild dingoes. I am so sick of hearing every time one is killed for getting 'too close' to people. There are 120 pure blood dingoes left on Fraser Island.

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Sam Died. :(

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Plasmo was one of my favourite shows as a kid. A claymation space opera comedy? I'm there. :P The original short film was made in 1989, and then a series of 5 minute episodes were made in 1997 (think Farscape for 10 year olds!). This toothpaste line has stayed with me since I first saw it. I remember thinking it was so incredibly deep, heh!

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Ok, so Charlie has been salivating over the imminent release of Uncharted II: Among Thieves for a while now, and I thought I'd read up on the article Stargate Solutions posted regarding Claudia Black's involvement, and the subsequent video link provided. Granted, I know very very little about video games, I did watch the interview, and wow, it was so nice to hear Claudia using her plain as day Australian accent:

hearts Claudia like whoa

I may just get Charlie to teach me how to play... *stares forlornly at barely used Fallout...yes circa 1997, I can't get past those lizard thingies at the start...*
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So did Gretel have the same haircut as Merlin, or what? :P

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