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I started reading Ouroboros back in June, however life took over and I didn’t pick it up again until a few days ago. I remember wanting a story where the conflicts between characters – especially Jack and Daniel, so prevalent in the last few novels I have read, was something not as overt in Ouroboros. And I got my wish. This novel was team fiction, after Jack had left SG-1 to run the SGC. My second wish was a reduction of canon errors that again have plagued these books, and I only came across one!

Reality Or Bust! )
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Time travel gives me, and any me in the theorised multiverse of universes close to this one, the shits. Which is counter-intuitive to the creation of energy and mass resulting from their creation *bedum tish*.

I fully admit up front that my impression of Moebius Squared may be coloured by the temporal wank stain that was Moebius. Perhaps I am being too harsh. Regardless, I will admit that is a brave thing to take on such an episode for a tie-in novel.

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Charlie and I actually stayed up into the wee hours of the morn reading this one together last night. My eBook cherry was popped on Permafrost by Sally Malcolm.

The first few pages were devoured on Christmas day by the pool, but as the holidays go, chaos ensued and yesterday was my first actual day off, in which I had time to sit down and read.

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Sep. 1st, 2014 10:42 pm
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I’m skipping Heart’s Desire because I quite liked it, there nothing really popped out at me, a fun read.

I read the first forty or so pages of The Drift a fair while ago and set the book down, because it was hard to get into. Turns out nothing much really happens for the first one hundred pages. I was weary of course, this being the sequel to Four Dragons because I thought Botsford’s characterisation was sub-par, especially when it came to Jack and Daniel, and their tedious tiffs (backed up with solid reasoning from both sides, the foundation of their opposite natures can be a good source for building upon the narrative and representing those views).

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I was ordering Ouroboros from earlier, and noticed the covers for the Stargate: Atlantis Legacy series which from what I understand are supposed to tie up the loose ends and bring SGA to a close? Why then is Sam on some of the covers? I have only seen the last 2 seasons of SGA once, but as far as I was aware, she left at the end of season 4 and commanded The Hammond after Continuum? Is Sam in the books, and if so, in what capacity?

Am I getting my information crossed? It's been years since I watched SGA. I've been meaning to rewatch, especially the last two seasons as I was so damn shitty over what they did to Torri at the time. I want to give the story another go when I can.

I also bought the first book in the Legacy series back when Borders was still a thing, has anyone read the series? Is it good? I would have to order the rest online - bah stupid Aussie dollar is below parity now. *pouts*

*looks at how many novels I have yet to read of the SG-1 series*

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Just a *quick* review because it's late and I am a wee loopy on the Stargate feels.

SG-1 encounters an Ash Eater in Egypt that devours any form of energy, turning people to dust. It's containment - the Pit of Sorrows, takes off into space with Sam and Teal'c trapped inside it, while Jack and Daniel race after to save them before they are devoured. The Ash Eater is headed towards two Goa'uld foes who both want the Ash Eater for their own purposes, but there is something even more terrifying at its destination.

Likeness and  )

An excellent team centric novel, it felt a tad fan-fictiony in places what with the nude prison scene, but no obvious shippy leanings, every team member received a fair amount of story - Sam was far from the damsel needing to be saved. I enjoyed very muchly!
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I know I am around eight months behind, but since Oceans of Dust and Heart's Desire arrived on my doorstep (ie. propped up against my car, thank you Mr. Postie) and I am somewhat on top of all the end of year fandomy challenges etc I managed to get around to it.

What drew me in rather quickly with this novel as opposed to certain ones in the past was the idea of exploring what happened to SG-1 in between seasons 8 & 9 which really, who hasn't been itching to know, right?


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C reads books. A lot of books. A lot of fiction... werewolves, vampires and what have you... A lot of weird stuff, no exception:

This is page 232 of Heather Killough-Walden's "Avenger's Angel" wherein I gather the main character 'Eleanore' is boffing an angel...

1. Angels...Daniel Jackson... amiright?
2. This was published last year - it's 'Syfy'!
3. Brain porn. :/ ('pulsing' and 'gray' should *not* be in the same sentence...)

*Flees back to Lancelyn Green for my fictiony urges*
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I have only just read Four Dragons because The Power Behind The Throne killed my mojo for the novels dead. It undoubtedly starts off with Jack & Daniel at each other's throats (as per your usual early season 7 slash fic :P). Asshat!Jack comes into play as he tends to do in the later novels so I was a tad worried that this one would follow suit with the whole 'Jack is an asshole to Daniel, Daniel gets whumped, Jack saves the day and acts all nonchalant about it and they all live happily ever after without addressing the key fundamental problems that caused the whole mess'. You know, that ol' chestnut.

That's 'Colonel' Asshat to you...  )

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Or, you know, bothering to research some of the most basic concepts on which the show you're writing about is based. I generally suck at writing reviews and I'm not big on bagging someone out for the sake of bagging someone out, but dayam The Power Behind The Throne just scribbled all over my favourite drawing in crayon.

I could sum this book up as '1930's Nazi Germany in space... but not really'. While I'm all for learning from our past - blatantly copying history from a high school text book, whacking our intrepid heroes in there - who aside from Teal'c do nothing until the end of the book (Another reason I am a wee bit pissed - why is Teal'c not on the cover?) and somehow managing to get 17 pieces of canon wrong does not instil any kind of confidence in this trilogy.

Aside from some dodgy characterisation, which can happen from time to time - it's subjective to a degree, I only found the plot to be anywhere near interesting (aka original) right at the end. The last page and a half actually left me wanting to read the next book (which I would have ended up doing anyway because I hate leaving things unfinished).

I don't want to spoil the book for anyone brave or foolhardy enough to read it all the way through :P but I did jot down the inconsistencies I found with regard to canon and a few other mistakes which I will put under a cut. Please tell me more if I missed any!

Mayberry? MAYBERRY?!?!?! )
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I have the new Dawkins!

I'll be in my bunk...

*there's a photo of a woman in a hot pink thong!*

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I finally exercised some semblance of willpower today and put Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene back on the bookstore shelf, where it shall remain until I have finished The Ancestor's Tale and The Devil's Chaplin, both of which (I almost wrote 'whom' there, ack!) I have yet to read. Soon my lovelies, soon...(and it's a bloody small bookstore, I'm probably the only person to browse the science section...yes all the sciences are lumped together...with Mythbusters books!)

Sidestep to random related out and about story... )

I did finish Hydra today. I adore it to pieces! One of the best sci fi books I have read in a long time. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but the unanswered questions at the end are an itch... in your ear...that when you stick a q-tip in, you have to push it in so far it's like 1/8th of an orgasm...wait, what?

...That kind of itch. :P

Speaking of the SG novels, I am still having issues tracking down a copy of Siren Song. Apparently it's out of print now, so I managed to order one off Amazon (which I hate doing because shipping books half way around the world is expensive). This was like 3 weeks ago. Amazon said it wouldn't be shipped until after Christmas, I'm cool with that, no rush. Today, I log in to see wtf is going on, I still haven't been charged, and now I find the order has been wiped. It's no longer there, AND they have no more books either (aside from overpriced used ones), wahhhh! It's hard enough to get those books in Australia, and now Amazon is stiffing me too. *la cry* I've sent them an email, so I'll have to wait and see what's going on there.

In good news, however, I arrived home to find a package from Galaxy (which is funny, because I ordered from Abbeys because Galaxy's site didn't have what I wanted :P) and I now have all the Stargate illustrated companions except for the season 3 & 4 one because no one has it apparently. An excellent way to spend left over Christmas money from the relatives, yes? :D

*Curls up with another book*
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I watched the season finale of Criminal Intent last night. Wow. Just, wow. My god, I'm surprised Goren didn't loose it sooner, I certainly wouldn't have blamed him. I loved Goren asking Eames to meet his mother because his brother told her that Eames was his girlfriend. And Eames sticking up for him with their boss (I don't like that guy for some reason). But, wow, the angst! Not only does Goren have this murderer taunting him in his work, but to know that his mother has just days left to live. And the guy knew, he knew what he was doing to Goren from the start. It makes me also wonder if he knew about Goren's mother's condition? Poor Goren! The tears in his eyes when he finally knew for certain what that man had done to his mother, and now that he might also be his father? That's incredible harsh. I wonder if after the guy was executed, could Goren obtain a DNA sample to know for sure? The end was sad, Goren sitting in the dark in his mother's room, at the foot of her empty bed. I was kinda wishing Eames would show up and give him some support, maybe even a hug...

Phew, anyway. If you remember this entry, I mentioned 'The Price You Pay' novel by Ashley McConnell. Well, yesterday I had to spend a fair amount of time in a waiting room, so I took the book along with me, not having read anything since the aforementioned post in the hopes of possibly changing my view of the book, seeing as I had only read the first 10 pages. Oh dear. I wouldn't exactly call it thrilling, exciting or any other catchy adjectives. In fact it's quite dull. *Sigh* But, I did come across a little something. I quote, from page 55: 'When the black man came to a stop at an intersection she nearly ran into him.' Um, excuse me? Now, this wouldn't bug me if say Jack or Daniel were sometimes referred to as 'the white man', even 'the white man with glasses' but no. Why is Teal'c the only one distinguished by skin colour? Plus the 'natives' in the book - well sounds like they're of Greek decent, so it's not exactly like they are associating themselves more with Jack, Sam and Daniel anyway. Of course there's always the argument 'well, he is black, why not? that doesn't sound racist to me...' But it is. If any of the other characters were referred to in this manner (and as consistently as Teal'c has, this isn't a one off in the book) I wouldn't have taken note, but seriously? I know intent can be brought into this, and yes, it has it's place. But unfortunately, so does ignorance. I really don't know if I should continue to bother with this book. It's still written like a bad fan fic. Why oh why describe every single scrap of clothing every character is wearing like it's the most important and intriguing thing in the book? Well, for this book, it probably is...
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Has anyone read this 'The Price You Pay' SG-1 novel by Ashley McConnell? My god, it's bad. I've only read the first 10 pages, and already I've found several spelling mistakes, one being the name of a main character! I might be able to forgive the slightly OOC-ness seeing as it's set in season 1, but Sam WAS NOT in her 20's in season 1! *rolls eyes* This is the kind of stuff I'd expect from beginner fan fic, not a published novel...Oh dear...



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