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I will preface this post with a warning that I will be discussing spoilers for the latest Sanctuary episode "Monsoon". Don't read on if you wish to remain spoiler free, though the plot is not really my concern here, rather I would like to discuss a few of the more unsavoury fan reactions to the episode.

Monsoons tend to make things quite...wet...  )
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Or, you know, bothering to research some of the most basic concepts on which the show you're writing about is based. I generally suck at writing reviews and I'm not big on bagging someone out for the sake of bagging someone out, but dayam The Power Behind The Throne just scribbled all over my favourite drawing in crayon.

I could sum this book up as '1930's Nazi Germany in space... but not really'. While I'm all for learning from our past - blatantly copying history from a high school text book, whacking our intrepid heroes in there - who aside from Teal'c do nothing until the end of the book (Another reason I am a wee bit pissed - why is Teal'c not on the cover?) and somehow managing to get 17 pieces of canon wrong does not instil any kind of confidence in this trilogy.

Aside from some dodgy characterisation, which can happen from time to time - it's subjective to a degree, I only found the plot to be anywhere near interesting (aka original) right at the end. The last page and a half actually left me wanting to read the next book (which I would have ended up doing anyway because I hate leaving things unfinished).

I don't want to spoil the book for anyone brave or foolhardy enough to read it all the way through :P but I did jot down the inconsistencies I found with regard to canon and a few other mistakes which I will put under a cut. Please tell me more if I missed any!

Mayberry? MAYBERRY?!?!?! )
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While I am watching one of the most magnificent documentaries about the Ocean "Deep Blue" - a part of the BBC's The Blue Planet on 7HD, SBSone is currently airing an episode of Iron Chef in which they are preparing shark fin soup.

I never thought I would find myself choosing mainstream network programming over SBS or the ABC, but damn if that is not the most irresponsible thing to air. Shark fin soup has to be one of the most morally abhorrent dishes I am aware of - up there with foie gras. Shark finning - a major environmental and legal issue in the Galapagos where the majority of these sharks are harvested *illegally* is one of the cruellest and most wasteful practices wherein the shark is caught and the dorsal and caudal fins are severed while the shark is still very much alive before it is tossed back into the water, no longer able to swim where it will slowly drown.

I am not one for censoring television in any way, but I am extremely disappointed in Iron Chef and SBS for choosing to air it.
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Well I hate posting about this as much as you hate listening to me prattle on about it obviously. But the European Union under pressure from the Canadian government and an Inuit group has suspended the ban on Canadian seal products. 

The ban was supposed to come into effect today, but the Canadian group has requested an injunction against the ban, arguing that the EU was misinformed about the 'supposed' cruelty of the hunt. Oh gee, I wonder how many more videos we need to take of white furred baby harp seals being skinned alive?

And I am so sick of the Canadian government bringing the Inuit people into this. They are exempt from the ban as it is, so it in no way affects them, one wonders what their motives are?

The Canadian government also accused the EU of discrimination, but they are far from being the only country whose seal products were/are banned due to inhumane practices.

Seriously, governments need to grow the fuck up.
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So the government's come out of left field and actually announced they're taking Japan to the International Court of Justice over their illegal commercial whaling. I'd like to say I was ecstatic about this - I could have even used my LJ mood theme thingie and everything! But at this point in time, I don't think the outcomes are looking all that favourable.

Without a doubt this is a political ploy to distract away from the government's debacles over the last few months with the insulation and school halls stuff. Not to mention Rudd's rapidly free-falling approval ratings.

I worry because it was only a few short months ago Rudd resigned the notion of suing Japan until December this year - AFTER the election and a few weeks after that announced they were shelving the issue indefinitely. Now suddenly they're pushing ahead next week - hardly enough time to build a proper case - this is yet another issue they seem to be tackling half arsed that will probably either blow up in their faces or wilt under any kind of proper scrutiny.

It's also quite telling that the announcement was handled largely by Stephen Smith, not Peter Garrett who's appeared quite the fool recently, and is now relegated to pretty much keeping his mouth shut. Yes he is the foreign affairs minister, but whaling falls squarely under Garrett's portfolio.

There's also the International Whaling Commission's Obama spear-headed proposal to legalise commercial whaling which if approved would severely weaken Australia's position and force them to rely solely upon the laws of the Antarctic treaty. But then again, Japan is already ignoring the bits and pieces of that treaty they find unfavourable too.

I will post all of the news, videos and what not over at [ profile] whale_sanctuary if you're interested in learning more.
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[ profile] nialla42 linked to this excerpt of a NY magazine article from a few days ago.

Universe spoliers )

I expected better from Lou Diamond Phillips. :(
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Dingo killed after lunging at child

Stop letting kids run around Fraser Island when you know there are endangered wild dingoes. I am so sick of hearing every time one is killed for getting 'too close' to people. There are 120 pure blood dingoes left on Fraser Island.

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1. The advertisements for Desperate Housewives 'the fat kid episode'?!?!?!!? I always thought this was a particularly stupid show - I don't care if they're hyping up the 'controversy' and that it's 'swept the US', it's low. I would probably have ignored it altogether but for the fact that they're using a child actress.

2. The hard side of a Crunchie bar. That super condensed part of the honeycomb that is the bane of all Crunchie lovers/anyone with teeth. I eat around it, I will not suffer a tooth injury of some sorts for a candy bar - that is reserved for random foods like licorice and yogurt *headdesk* Seriously, we must have some kind of technology to correct this by now!

3. The way Michael Shanks says 'Vala'. Gah! (I watched Memento Mori today) It's hard to explain the phonetics here, especially since we're talking about different accents. Maybe Americanos don't notice it so much, I don't know. Do you? I'd like to think since it's her name that Vala/Claudia Black is pronouncing it right. We (Aussies) would also pronounce it the way she does here (not the deal with some of your goa'uld however - Ba'al for example 'bah - l' vs. 'bawl') but he/Daniel tends to put more emphasis on the first 'a' . VAA - la as opposed to her Vaa - laa. Am I crazy? :P

I think I need a lie down...

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You know, I gave the idea of Universe another chance after reading Brad Wright's latest stuff on Mallozzi's blog (Yes, I actually went there for 5 minutes, ugh!). But seeing the casting (and albeit slightly less nauseating character name changes) for the male characters complete (I loathe who will be cast as those god awful stereotypical space barbie women), it's oh so expediently slipped from my graces once again.

Spoilahs bitches! )

Seriously, I thought we had moved past this...
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Oh Stargate, you're ignoring your most prevalent demographic under the outmoded assumption that the franchise is only watched by fapping little fanboys (apologies if you are, please go about your business), and your reliance on stereotypes and 'the Jack O'Neill mold' does not appeal to me (who is on the fringe of your target audience).

These are your characters? Seriously? )

I honestly don't know if I should give this show the time of day. If it were anything other than Stargate, I wouldn't blink an eye.
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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If he can defer to a vet for a baby whale, he can defer to a cosmologist before saying something dumb like this.

You can have your religion, but you can't use it as a means of explination when you have no evidence, just opinion based on your judgement which is skewed by religious indoctrine in the first place. *headdesk*
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Freedom, Priceless.

This year's World Youth Day (the name of which I find slightly offesive given that it implies a congregation of ALL youths, and yet it is in fact a religious event) is going to be held in Sydney.

Despite the fact that this is essentially a recruitment drive for the Roman Catholic Chruch, I have a big problem with the way our government has handled this event.

Firstly, the NSW and federal governments are footing the bill of $150 million dollars for the event, and a further $41 million to go to the Australian Jockey Club as compensation for revenue lost during the event, as it is to be held at Randwick Racecourse. Why are we paying for an event for a religion that only 25.8% of Australians follow? And why is the Roman Catholic Church not paying for this themselves?

"how in a world of poverty and want, the Church can justify the expenditure of $150 million to stage a giant get-together." Mike O'Connor (

Secondly, the NSW state government are introducing new laws as a means to curb protest at the event. These new laws include giving police the right to fine and arrest people deemed to be of 'annoyance' to the event's organisers and pilgrims. Anything from wearing an anti-Christian shirt, to handing out condoms could lead to serious consequence. Despite the fact that we already have public order laws in place that are sufficient enough for dealing with protests, World Youth Day has been given special protection from 'annoyance'. These laws have not been approved by the parliament, instead they have been signed off on by the Dept. Premier of NSW, John Watkins.

"apply to more than 40 city locations, including museums, galleries and cinemas, as well as Darling Harbour, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Randwick Racecourse and parklands.

More than 500 schools across Sydney and 35 train and bus stations have also been listed as "declared areas". People entering them will be subject to vehicle and baggage searches that require them to remove jackets, gloves, shoes and headwear if requested. "Reasonable force may be used to effect the person's exclusion" if they do not permit the search, the regulations stipulate."


So technically, anyone traveling to work on a Sunday in these 'declared areas' could be arrested or fined for offending Christian belief, hell the police could arrest themselves. Homosexuals could be fined for walking down the street holding hands or kissing. Anyone wearing the apparel of another religion could be accused of 'annoyance'. These laws are full of shit. They completely tread all over our civil liberties and attack our rights of freedom of expression. These laws are open to a massive amount of interpretation and abuse. 'Annoyance' is scarily subjective.

The NSW government has folded to the push of the Catholic Church here, in particular the insistances of the leader of the Australian Catholic Chruch, Cardinal George Pell. Never mind the inconviences of the rest of the public, and not taking into account the costs of security for the pope's visit, nor the accomedation needed to shelter thousands of pilgrims who will be flocking to see him. Put these figures up against the expected turn out of 200,000 people and the revenue simply does not cover expenditure.

"the NSW Government now claims that World Youth Day will deliver $150 million in economic benefits for the nation.

How did it arrive at this amount? You will never know because it has refused public access to the report which produced this magical figure.

Moving quickly, the Government used legal provisions to exempt the report from the Freedom of Information Act, claiming it would be against the public interest to disclose it."

I can't help but be disgusted once again by the antics of this government, not only are our tax dollars being used to fund a purely religious event, but our freedoms have once again been obliterated so as not to 'offend' outside interests. One only needs to look at how far these laws are going, even when compared with what happened at APEC last year to see that we are in for some seriously dictatorial policies.

World Youth Day and the price of prayer

Thou shalt not annoy on Youth Day
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...Unless you really want to know just how many other sites have stolen your stuff. o.O

I'm not talking about posting links back to here like other LJ users and have done, that's fine. But I noticed that there are sites that have been taking some of my work - especially my manips and hand drawn stuff, and posting it, or using it in some form on their own sites.

I am pretty lax with my stuff. If you want it, take it. But if you're going to use it for your own site or want to alter it in any way, at least have the common courtesy to ask me first. It's not a big ass rule or anything, just a little annoyance of mine, since this has happened before I joined LJ too.

I even found some of my manips on a Korean gay website, LOL!
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Admittedly, I haven't really become involved (aside from one small email campaign) in any protests to do with the Canadian seal slaughter this year. Just catching up on the latest news is a little stressful, and I am choosing to step back this year and limit my involvement. Nonetheless, this business with the Canadian Coast Guard boarding the Farley Mowat is odd, considering the majority of reports I have read have placed the occurrence well outside the 12 mile boundary of the Canadian waters. And that this happens days after the deaths of 4 sealers after their boat capsized while being towed by the Canadian Coast Guard. It will be interesting to see how this affects the proposed bill in Europe to ban seal product imports considering the ship's Captain is from The Netherlands, and the Farley Mowat is also registered there.

Canadian Coast Guard Seizes Sea Shepherd Vessel

Also in the news today, one of the fancy pants religious boys schools here in Brisbane are banning gay students from bringing male partners as their date to the school formal. I watched the interview with the school's principal this morning, and I just have to ask why everyone allows this kind of prejudice on the air with no question? Certainly the principal is allowed his opinion, I'm not debating that. But why didn't the reporters rebuff his claims with simple human decency and equality for all, regardless of the religious background of the school? Supposedly sexual discrimination is not tolerated in any schools - private or public, and yet this is still an issue. The Principal also stated that the young men were not mature enough to understand how to deal with relationships with other boys. How the hell does that make any sense? They're smart enough to know how to handle relationships with girls, but not boys? Seriously, WTF? Grow up.

Anglican Church Grammar School Bans Gay Partners At Formal

BTW, I have now been on LJ for a whole year. Yay me. :P (I also have a new banner :D)
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This is me laughing at you:
*Applauds Torri*

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By my calculations, and by that, I mean the release dates of previous seasons, we should have had season 5 of MacGyver out here over 6 months ago. Heard nothing, nada, zip! I finally got fed up waiting (I needs me Mac!) and ordered a copy from the US. This was a few days ago. I figured the distribution company (Fox, CBS or whoever they've switched to this time) decided not to bring more out here due to poor sales or something, I don't know. Last night Hannah shows me that they've finally got off their asses and decided to release it here, Guh!

I suppose it's not that big a deal, I can play region 1 dvds, so that's not a problem, and the cost is exactly the same (because dvds are way expensive here compared with the US), so I got the dvds and shipping for $45 which is good. My only tif is the PAL vs NTSC thing. To my PAL adjusted ears, NTSC sounds oddly pitched. It's not noticable during the whole viewing, just at the beginning until I become engrossed in what I'm watching and forget about it being there. Or, as with my A Dog's Breakfast dvd, having to turn the volume up a tad loud so that I can differentiate the speech from the music and/or background noise.
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Govt refuses to answer whaling questions

I hate to say it - I'm not surprised. I was hopeful, and cautiously optimistic, but it still stings when you find out that it's still all been for nothing - again.
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Of all the times I've found myself thinking - reality tv has gone too far - from people getting gravely sick on Survivor, to the guys who turkey-slapped a female contestant on Big Brother, I have to say that hearing about this show - Kid Nation has topped the list.

How the hell can the parents justify the exploitation of their children as a form of entertainment? If you're one of those idiots who wants to go and make a fool of yourself on reality tv, go right ahead, that's your adult choice. But, using children to make a reality show is just wrong in my book. I know this sort of thing is nothing new; there are parents who send in videos of their children falling off playsets or smashing their heads on the ground to Australia's Funniest Home Video and its variants around the world, and people actually find it funny. Not to mention kiddie beauty pageants and the like that have been going on for years. The question is, when does it end?

From my brief understanding of the program, a bunch of kids are left alone (apart from the people filming them obviously) and have to form their own society, make their own rules and presumably complete or accomplish a set of tests and/or challenges in order to receive awards, not unlike Survivor or Big Brother etc. Yes, I get it, it's supposed to be some sort of 'social experiment' or what have you, but when it comes down to it, what is the toll on the minds of those kids? I can only assume they were psychologically examined before going on the show, but there is no way to completely comprehend the ramifications of what they're asking these kids to do. You see how stretched to the limits some of the contestants on other shows like The Amazing Race and The Mole, and I cannot help but see that subjecting a child to that kind of environment is abhorrent.

And then there's the kid's future. Once they're off the show, they're shoved into the public spotlight (I know, not unlike countless child stars of film and television) for their 15 minutes or whatever, and then after all that, what happens when they go back to school and their everyday lives now that their whole community suddenly knows all about them so they could be either pressured to perform and keep up some sort of act, or they're ostracised or picked on by their peers for actions or things they've said on the show?

I know, I'm probably sounding a little over-dramatic here, but the point is that all of those things could happen. Is it right to allow those possibilities to happen? In my opinion, no. Reality tv has once again  proven to be one of the lowest forms of 'entertainment' on the planet.

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