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Just a quick write up of what I can remember of the last two days. I do this now as tomorrow, the real world beckons with it's many un-stargate-y things.

I sprung for priority tickets this time around, since I was so impressed with the organisation last year, and as some of you know, I can sometimes have problems having to stand too long ie. In lines. Nope. Not again. Half the time, the priority ticket holders were ignored and just had to line up wherever, and there was no reserved space, so nope. Such a let down from last year.

Another disappointment was the layout, instead of three spacious panel rooms upstairs and a massive one downstairs, there was one upstairs and two sectioned off ‘rooms’ within the collector’s stalls. Holy background noise, batman! And instead of lining up for the more popular guests so that everyone had a rotating chance to sit closer, there was no lining up for panels, just a stupid mad rush, and the option for anyone to just sit at the front all day long for every panel. What happened Oz Comic Con? You used to have your shit together…

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This is the first time Oz Comic Con has come to Brisbane and I am so glad they did. The con ran quite smoothly, volunteers were extremely helpful and really knew what they were doing. Everything ran mostly on time (but for actors *g*). The photo op and autograph lines were set out very well and it gave the entire experience a sense of calm in the chaos that is a convention. My only gripe would be the walking distance between the exhibition room and the panel stages, at the other end of the convention centre and up two flights of stairs. (That’s my cardio for the weekend).

Chris Judge, Jason Momoa, William Shatner, Colin Ferguson & Kavan Smith  )
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This year's adventures were had by just Charlie and myself. We spaced things out over the entire 3 days so as to not DIE in the 30C+ heat (Who's idea was it to hold a con in Queensland in November?) I didn't spend the entire time filming panels and taking photos this year, so forgive me as I give a recap of what I can remember. Also, Charlie was on photo duty, so all images are her doing.

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Jun. 5th, 2012 07:41 am
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So I was going to go to bed at a very reasonable time Saturday night for a very important date the next morning *g* but what do you know, the Earth's shadow decided to go and cover the moon for the second time this year!

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I do hope my previous post of RDA's sass molestation of a strawberry was enough to tide you over while I was away at Supanova con. I return faithfully with pictorial and video evidence that awesomeness runs rampant with much joy and laughter!

In which hilarity, boob kissing and dragon punching ensue...  )
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Excuse my possible and probably misuse of tenses, written con-adled and sleep deprived. Image heavy!

Day 1.

Not being much of Anime fan means getting to Supanova on a Friday any damn time you long as it's before 6PM, because that's when the opening ceremony begins/if you are narcissist, time to get yourself bone heading in the back of a 7PM project Weekend Whip-Around segment.

[info]damianl , [info]victoria_jean & I turned up with half an hour to spare (who knew it would be so easy to get through town on a Friday night?!) and took a wander through the stalls. One of my main reasons for going on the Friday was to pre-purchase the autograph and photograph tokens for the next day so as to avoid standing in the boiling hot sun...for 3 hours...aka – last year's con.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy..  )
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I didn't want to tell everyone I was going to this until I was 100% sure I actually was. But now? YAY!!! I finally made it! XD

This year's guests were James Masters, Gareth David-Lloyd, Corin Nemec, Mary McDonnell, Karl Urban and Alex Meraz.

I went with [ profile] damianl & [ profile] victoria_jean. Vicki and I decided to be a little daring and cosplayed - her as Sailor Moon, and I was Vala Mal Doran (no, I will not be sharing those pics :P). We left around 8am to get into the city. The parking was easy enough to find and not many spaces were taken yet, so we parked and headed over to the entry line. The prepaid line which we were in was shuffled around a few times as more and more people showed up (you'd think they would know how many people were going to be in the line since they're pre-paid!) We were close enough to the front of the line anyway, and basically hung around taking pics of all the wonderful costumes.

Costumes in line... )

We also met up with [ profile] sg_dingo briefly before she headed off to her place in line. After about an hour and a half, the line finally started moving as the doors were open and people rushed inside because James Masters' talk was at 10:30 and they didn't open until almost quarter past.

We rushed past all of the displays and across the road to the building where the talk was to be held...50 metres from where we'd been standing to get in! There was no time to form a line and the Supanova volunteers just let everyone through into the seminar room. We managed to get seats about 2/3rds of the way back, but the room continued to fill until about half of it was people standing at the back and sides.

I have to say James Masters was the highlight of the day. I've only ever seen him in Torchwood, but I figured most of his talk would be about Buffy. First question off the rank "What was it like kissing John Barrowman?" - which resulted in his talking about being a prostitute during love scenes. Someone else asked him if he'd kiss Gareth and he replied "If you pay me! if I do it for free, I'm just a slut!" I wish I had had the sense to record his talk from the start, he was really funny. He covered Buffy/Angel, Torchwood (he's totally up for the US version of Torchwood if it ever comes to fruition), his music and a slew of theatre work he'd done, but most importantly, he was wearing this skin tight black shirt that rode up every time he moved his arms about...and he was constantly running his fingers through his hair, almost posing constantly, lol!

Damian and I were sharing camera duty, but I managed to get this one shot that wasn't horridly blurry and about 5 minutes of film.

James Masters )

After James, we had about 30 minutes to kill before Gareth, so we wandered back to the stalls and had a quick look around at what was on offer. There was alot of anime stuff, fantasy and a little sci fi - books, shirts, toys, costumes etc etc etc. We went back over to see Gareth's talk and the line was wrapped around all of the tables in the room, along the wrestler's booth (where Damian managed to snap this guy - lol, awesome XD). Surprisingly, the volunteers ushered everyone into the seminar room rather quickly and we were sitting even closer than before! problem was, we were also separated from Damian due to filing into the seats, and he had my camera.

Gareth was more subdued than James :P, but gave a fantastic talk nonetheless. His first question like James' was "What's it like kissing John Barrowman?" lol! Gareth was quick to answer though "Wet!...and rough, very rough". He like James is also a big fan of Shakespeare and wanted to tackle Henry V if I remember correctly. Someone asked him if he'd ever felt threatened by a fan because she's seen him being escorted to the toilet and back. "Not until now!" he replied and she ran with it, asking if he'd washed his hands! "What?! Did I wash my hands? What kind of question is that, do you want to sniff them?" Most of his talk was Torchwood centered, particularly how he felt about Children of Earth. He admitted to suspecting he might be killed off when his agent told him they only wanted him for 3 or 4 episodes, and that originally Martha and and another Whoverse character (sorry, I'm not that knowledgeable on Doctor Who) were supposed to be in the miniseries, but Freema Agyeman had just started Law & Order: UK and was unavailable. He was happy with Ianto's ending and liked him dying halfway through trying to tell Jack something, and Jack not returning his love.

An audience member told him about a rumour they'd heard in which the 4th season would be about Jack traveling through the universe looking for the 2nd reanimation glove to resurrect his dead love, and Gareth seemed to like the idea as long as it didn't cheapen Ianto's death.

He also talked about the homophobic backlash he had received from doing Torchwood and admitted most of it had come from his own family, but that the show itself had a really positive influence on audiences as a whole.

Gareth David-Lloyd )

Corin Nemec was on right after Gareth, but the volunteers made everyone file out of the room and line up again anyway which wasted some time, but we were back sitting where we originally were for James Masters. Corin's was a barest talk of the day, there were a whole lot of empty seats at the back, but he was still rather enthusiastic when he jumped up on stage. I caught his first 10 minutes under the cut below and half of his talk was Stargate and half was other projects I hadn't heard of and why he originally got into acting because his father had been a set decorator. He had a few hard core fans in the audience who had seen all his work and asked questions about that stuff, so I kinda zoned out. Also, Corin held the microphone down really low, and alot of what he said couldn't be heard by anyone past the VIP section down the front.

Inevitably he was asked about the whole Michael Shanks leaving/coming back question and I don't know whether it was because he's probably explained it 100 times already, or he feels a little more able to express himself more now that the show is over, but he seemed to be mocking Shanks a little about his career decisions from a peer's point of view. I had the camera off at that point, but it took forever to turn back on so I could film the tail end of what he said about knowing 'when to stick with a good thing', but then he reiterated the whole no animosity thing, and I don't know, it just sounded a bit... off to me. I have no particular leanings about the whole thing, because I was just a casual viewer back then and didn't get into fandom until season 7, so I never thought of it as a big deal.

Corin Nemec )

Corin's talk was the last we planned to go to for the day, so [ profile] victoria_jean and I lined up to get photos (Me with GDL, her with James Masters). The problem was, there was only 1 line for photos, autographs & the Supanova store, so it was really long and we were standing in the boiling sun for some time. To make matters worse, there were the most obnoxious fanboys right behind us who decided to chatter away, bitching and complaining about everything in sight 'there are too many girls dressed as Sailor Moon this year', 'this is what's wrong with that person's costume' etc. I glanced back and noticed one of them was dressed as a Jedi, with what looked to be his mum's curtains for a cape. I wanted to tell them to STFU, but I didn't want to waste my energy on their crap, because I needed it to stay upright in the sweltering heat.

Two and a half hours later we finally made it to the table to buy the photos, and pickings were slim for sci fi fans. Most of what was left was Mary McDonnell prints (her autograph line was empty most of the day, but more on that later) and Alex Meraz prints, who I understand is one of those Twilight werewolves. :P I was informed all of the RDA stuff has sold out in a few hours the night before (you had to buy the weekend pass for that) which was a bit of a bummer. :P

The way the photos were set up was that if enough people lined up for a particular star, they were then escorted from the autograph tables (next to the photo booth) and everyone's photographs were taken in quick succession then printed and handed out so those wanting them to be signed could then line up for that. I was in Gareth's line for about 20 minutes and got chatting to a guy who was the only person in line for Corin's photo at the time. He kept going on about how Corin was 'such a nice guy' and his trip to the Hub Con last month. Gareth showed up and I was 3rd in line to get a photo. The line was starting to fill up and I was practically pushed into the booth, stumbling and kinda... stepped on the corner of Gareth's shoe!!! *bonehead moment extraordinaire* He grabbed me firmly by the shoulder (not Kirk style, more 'please don't fall down' style :P) and tucked me under his armpit. I just looked towards the camera and began to smile when *flash* it was done. I berated myself for not smiling quick enough and hoping I didn't look too scary in the bloody photo before turning to Gareth and saying "Thanks!" in my most cheerful voice. :P "My pleasure, sweetie". Nyaw! XD

I got out of the way with far more grace to go and collect my photo and was kinda surprised it wasn't as bad as I imagined, but, I do look quite haggard from standing in the hot sun in long sleeves and cargo pants (I took the pigtails out for the photo). I might might share it in a flocked post if I decide I'm not looking too fat and/or fugly (btw whoever set up the lighting needs a smack on the ass :P). I did however have Vicki's antique looking 'stopwatch' sitting inconspicuously around my neck for the photo, lol! I didn't want to draw attention to it while I was getting the pic, and I'm glad the photographer cropped it perfectly into the photo. Hehehe...

Vicki was in line for about an hour and a bit til James Masters came over, then there was a rush of photos causing the printers to clog up, one ran out of toner etc etc etc and it took 3 and a half hours for her to get her photo along with about 30 other people who missed all of the autographs because the stars had to leave for the after parties/James Masters concert . Haha, James Masters swaggered off, guitar case in hand with his group of people and one woman near us exclaimed "He swaggers just like Spike!" LOL!

Everyone but Mary McDonnell had left (who earlier had sent one of her people over to shoo us away and ask that we not take photographs of her because if we wanted one, we had to go buy a pic for her to sign... we weren't even pointing the camera at her and I had no idea who she was - I don't watch BSG :P)

Karl Urban then showed up again and offered to do some more photos/autographs. He walked up to Damian and I and said "Hey guys!" Ok, I did see the new Star Trek film, but only once, sometime last I wasn't sure who he was either. :P (I am a terrible nerd!) We said "Hey" back and he looked around for a moment for his autographing booth and sauntered off. He looked the most at ease with where he was and didn't seem to ever have an escort.

Vicki finally got her photo (by which time I was slumped against a wall, exhausted) and we pulled ourselves together enough to have another wander through the stalls. There wasn't much of interest to me, although I did find the big cloth Jack and Daniel dolls for $50 each. But on closer inspection, they looked even more weird ass than the figurines, so I decided against their purchase.

So that was my first con ever! Overall I really did enjoy the experience and I would love to go back to Supanova next year, or any other Stargate cons that would happen around here *bats hopeful eyes*

More random pics, just coz... )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] alt_addiction!

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*Snogs flist*
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After all the Christmas shopping, decorating, cooking and wrapping, there's nothing left but to sit down and make some icons. *Gives*

Daniel & Vala (Stargate SG-1)






Law & Order Criminal Intent







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In celebration of the new album, from the photo shoot for Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces/Fake It (which I still don't have! *pouts*)


Shaun has a bit of a tummy, hehe!

*continues to hide from the election*

Congrats to ch 10 for catering to the lowest common denominator and showing The Empire Strikes Back... :P [/pretentious snobbery]

*flees rabid SW fans* :P
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You know those times where everything just gets to you, leaving you exhausted and feeling like a right piece of crap? Today is that day. One little thing (well I suppose it's not that little, but we won't go into that) just tips you right over the scales, and it's either cry or explode? I totally bawled my eyes out this afternoon. I'm not a cryer. I don't cry during sad movies or anything like that. But today I just lost it. I didn't even feel particularly better after, just a vague sense of emptiness. I dunno. I wish I didn't let this kind of crap, and people and everything get to me. I want to be able to enjoy something. Guh, I think I'm gonna stop there, sounding a wee bit emo here. Here, I tried to cheer myself up with this...I don't know if it worked...

I wanna see a fic with AU Daniel's kissing. That'd be cool.

I'm gonna go watch Californication.

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