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I started reading Ouroboros back in June, however life took over and I didn’t pick it up again until a few days ago. I remember wanting a story where the conflicts between characters – especially Jack and Daniel, so prevalent in the last few novels I have read, was something not as overt in Ouroboros. And I got my wish. This novel was team fiction, after Jack had left SG-1 to run the SGC. My second wish was a reduction of canon errors that again have plagued these books, and I only came across one!

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Just a quick write up of what I can remember of the last two days. I do this now as tomorrow, the real world beckons with it's many un-stargate-y things.

I sprung for priority tickets this time around, since I was so impressed with the organisation last year, and as some of you know, I can sometimes have problems having to stand too long ie. In lines. Nope. Not again. Half the time, the priority ticket holders were ignored and just had to line up wherever, and there was no reserved space, so nope. Such a let down from last year.

Another disappointment was the layout, instead of three spacious panel rooms upstairs and a massive one downstairs, there was one upstairs and two sectioned off ‘rooms’ within the collector’s stalls. Holy background noise, batman! And instead of lining up for the more popular guests so that everyone had a rotating chance to sit closer, there was no lining up for panels, just a stupid mad rush, and the option for anyone to just sit at the front all day long for every panel. What happened Oz Comic Con? You used to have your shit together…

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That cool fan fiction meme that was making the rounds a month or so ago? Finally finished it!

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Fandom Meme

Apr. 5th, 2015 06:56 pm
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Because fandom is <3.

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This year Supanova moved to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre at Southbank. I thought Oz Comic Con managed the space well, however, Supanova made getting around unnecessarily difficult.

Firstly, the line to get wrist bands was up the other end from the entrance, so it was a long pointless walk just to get inside. There were no signs around to point anyone in the direction to go but for the entry and exit signs to be spotted through the thick crowds.

Things were made more difficult on Saturday, when they decided to reverse the entry and exit for some reason to the opposite ends (helpfully pointed out by the upside down signed as seen here.) I feel this could have been better handled by having each door available for entry or exit after the initial opening, especially for people with mobility issues.

This also goes for seating, there was little space to rest and we were told to move several times because we weren’t allowed to sit in certain areas with no signage or reason to suggest why. (And don’t get me started on con goers being treated like scum if we dared step near the Salvation Army people exiting from their convention across the hall (spoiler alert: no one cared!)

Aside from that, the events of the con were quite good. We went primarily to see Torri Higginson, who was just lovely, and ended up catching a handful of other panels during the weekend too.

I live tweeted the panels here.

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I have many a shiny lighted pixel for you! A number of fandoms and some stuff I like, Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Sanctuary, Sherlock, Star Trek, The Simpsons, Archer, cute animals, and more! All free to use of course, just link back so others can find the shiny too, thank you muchly. <3



















Resource credit to: [ profile] cdg , [ profile] arabella , [ profile] nivani , [ profile] lore_85 , [ profile] rhcp_csi , [ profile] sweetexcerpt , [ profile] queen_bartonia , [ profile] vikyvampirs90 , [ profile] iconraven , [ profile] carnageincminor , [ profile] 78777 [ profile] kitamikeita 
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I am mid way through season four of Atlantis on my rewatch of the entire Stargate franchise (what? Infinity? Um...), and what is really striking me by this point is the lack of moral input when it comes to the plans they devise. Where is their Daniel? Elizabeth played this role somewhat, but she let things get out of hand as far back as Michael. Now (Be All My Sins Remember'd) Rodney creates F.R.A.N. and argues to Sam that she is not even alive. This is completely at odds with Sam's beliefs expressed in Unnatural Selection, as well as her experiences with Reese and Fifth. (I am not even going to go into the subtext of having a programmable woman with these writers). There was such an opportunity for Sam to bring her close personal experience with Replicators to the fore, and nothing. Here she is free to express her opinion and ideas, she is not Jack's underling merely following orders, and she's letting MacKay convince her otherwise? This also speaks to the many wasted opportunites that having Sam in a command position could have entailed.

I feel Atlantis, especially in the later years, has a lack of idea exchange (mirrors the behind the scenes stuff, huh). Teyla objects some, but she exerts no great influence over those making the decisions. It's such a shame because that ever present arguement was one of the core driving forces in the original series, and it adds a much needed layer to the process of making those all important decisions before and during the battle.

Atlantis needed a Daniel.

That just happens to be the way I feel about it. What do you think?
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Behind the scenes at Bridge - how the boys club affected the Stargate franchise and alienated its viewers. This one links to [personal profile] campylobacter 's tumblr, and I hope she doesn't mind, because hers had a great continuation of the thread of conversation. It's a fair read, but there is a lot of insight into the workings behind the Stargate franchise and the individual plays of both cast and crew.There are a lot of valid ideas here.

"Richard Dean Anderson is...?" This one questions and rallies against the culture of body shaming actors just because they are in the public eye. It focuses primarily on the media and fan attacks upon RDA's weight gain, and questions the reasons behind why people feel such comments need to be made.
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I was ordering Ouroboros from earlier, and noticed the covers for the Stargate: Atlantis Legacy series which from what I understand are supposed to tie up the loose ends and bring SGA to a close? Why then is Sam on some of the covers? I have only seen the last 2 seasons of SGA once, but as far as I was aware, she left at the end of season 4 and commanded The Hammond after Continuum? Is Sam in the books, and if so, in what capacity?

Am I getting my information crossed? It's been years since I watched SGA. I've been meaning to rewatch, especially the last two seasons as I was so damn shitty over what they did to Torri at the time. I want to give the story another go when I can.

I also bought the first book in the Legacy series back when Borders was still a thing, has anyone read the series? Is it good? I would have to order the rest online - bah stupid Aussie dollar is below parity now. *pouts*

*looks at how many novels I have yet to read of the SG-1 series*

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Day 23 - Most annoying character

Richard Woosley (Stargate SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis)

I know some people liked him, but I couldn't stand this character. I thought he was an ass who was in way over his head the entire time, no matter what he was doing. He treated people who knew what they were doing like dirt and had a general authoritative arrogance about him which was completely unappealing.

There were little snippets here and there of his 'good nature' such as Inauguration, but for the most part his decisions were not good - The Shroud, and for me, he was just a completely irritating character to watch - The Scourge, The Return I & II.
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Day 15 - Favorite female character

Elizabeth Weir (Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate SG-1)

Sometimes I feel like cringing when I hear the term 'strong female character' because it sounds like some boneprivilege bestowed upon them and aren't they 'special wittle womens'! With Elizabeth, that was a given, she was an extremely well rounded and thought out character - which I believe the majority of credit is most deservedly reserved for Torri Higginson. I was so pleased to see a female lead in Stargate given its up and down track record regarding feminism and I believe Elizabeth struck a perfect chord in that regard, finding her place and authority rather quickly while keeping that aspect of it real enough for women today to relate to which was refreshing because this isn't Star Trek set hundreds of years in the future where social attitudes have possibly changed.

And secondly, she's gorgeous! :P
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Ghost In The Machine - *Bawls* Having now seen the episode, I understand even moreso why Torri chose not to do it. Especially those lines at the end where Shep accused Weir of not behaving the way she would have in the past (how could she possibly, after what she's been through?) and Woolsey's not even believing she was innately 'good' until after she had stepped through to the space gate. A thinly veiled slap in the face to her character and I certainly saw parallels with ye olde witch trials "if she steps through, we'll know she's not evil only after she's stepped through'. The actress 'replacing' her did quite well under the circumstances, but I am so saddened that this is how they chose to end Weir's story. (Is there fic around where Shep possibly plucks her from space to help with some future mission in need of her expertise or something? :P That would be nice).

The Shrine - This had Brad Wright written all over it, hehehe. Beautiful story, love the swapping of events between the present and Rodney slowly losing his mind. I think this is possibly my favourite David Hewlett episode now. Kate was amazing also.

Whispers - Shep being ever so slightly weirded out by an all female team annoyed me. I know realistically it would be quite uncommon to have an all female team, but science fiction has always been one of the forerunners of breaking with perceived social norms and going boldly where no, woman has gone before. It wasn't that much of an issue, but making it one, however minutely, lost some brownie points with me. Sometimes I do wonder if Mallozzi really wanted to write horror. He has a knack for it sure, but perhaps Atlantis has had enough zombies and tentacles for a while.

The Queen - Ok... so that happened. Actually I missed the part that explained how they turned Teyla into a wraith queen, because certain peoples were squabbling in front of the tv. *glares*
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These are all made from some fabulous caps by [ profile] quarryquest of Daniel's recent jaunt to Atlantis. How many faces did he pull, seriously? :P





Resource credit to [ profile] the_justiner , [ profile] roughseas , [ profile] miggy  & [ profile] icons_with_love 
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So I listened to the podcast of Torri's con appearance in Germany (*) Great stuff. I loved her story about working on The English Patient (I should really watch that movie), and wow, the bugger story! That was gold. 'Bugger' is used as slang here too, I didn't know about the American meaning of the word - so American flisters, if I have used bugger before it has meant 'oh shit', 'oh damn' - something to that effect, hehe.

And Torri's going to be back on NCIS *SQUEE!!!!!!!!!*

Bugger me running...

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Oh Stargate, you're ignoring your most prevalent demographic under the outmoded assumption that the franchise is only watched by fapping little fanboys (apologies if you are, please go about your business), and your reliance on stereotypes and 'the Jack O'Neill mold' does not appeal to me (who is on the fringe of your target audience).

These are your characters? Seriously? )

I honestly don't know if I should give this show the time of day. If it were anything other than Stargate, I wouldn't blink an eye.
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The Pegasus Galaxy got boned.

Hmm, in a way I'm relieved. Mind you we're 2 years behind here in Aussieland, but honestly? From what I have seen, Mallozzi and his cohorts fucked the show up royally. You can't go messing with the characters in that way on a sci fi show. We fans ADORE our characters, why else would we spent so much time and energy devoted to the fandom? The days of teenage fanboys wacking off to flux capacitors and big boobed aliens are gone. 

At least in my little corner of fandom (aka, you guys), there is a prevalence of meta, artwork, wonderfully insightful fiction, concentrating moreso on the *people* - be they from Earth or not. Of course plot and explosions have their place too. :P

But hey, the cast changes, over abundance of OOCness and a whole bunch of other reasons could be contributed to the show's demise without any clear cut division of factors, so my bet is the slip in ratings combined with high production costs.

Oh well, there's also a 2 hour tv movie to come afterwards...thrills! :P
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This is me laughing at you:
*Applauds Torri*

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Goodness, wow! I listened to Torri's radio interview on The Sci Fi Guys in Britain this morning (gotta love internet radio) and have transcribed the entire thing below. I have to say she is a class act the entire way and it was great to finally hear her insights into the changes for season 4 and what went on behind the scenes to facilitate that.

Shakespeare, feminism and leather jackets! )
A full audio download of the interview should be available from in the next few days.
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Yep, made some Stargate motivational posters with this generator.

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