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With the recent release of legend on DVD, I've thrown together a little comm with [personal profile] annejack  for anything and everything Legend. [community profile] nicodemus_noted  is on Dreamwidth as well as Livejournal. Feel free to join in, first time viewer or seasoned fan, all are welcome. <3

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Vale our beautiful friend [personal profile] sid . Thank you for the joy, laughter, tears, and love. Your words are inspiration; your friendship, eternal.

Rest in peace, dear friend. <3
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Pimping our end of year celebration challenge over at [community profile] event_horizons , wherein the month of December will host the challenge to partake in the creation of any Stargate content relating to an end of year celebration. As always any medium is welcome, fiction, fan art, recs of previous works (yours or anyone else's), as well as any celebration, religious, secular, whatever you like.

Check out the info post, which included a few prompts to inspire you, on Livejournal and Dreamwidth.

Merry Giftmas! \o/
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*Ahem* now that I have your attention - slash. As in that's what I did to my LJ layout. Could it possibly be any more slashier? There's cuddling, and space, and I even spruced up the profile page to match. Also, cuddling. <3

And I swapped out a bunch of icons because I only have 50 or so spaces. *g*

Dreamwidth got a similar treatment, minus the slash because the layout faries are mean here....

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[personal profile] eilidh17  and I have created a mirror to sg_delights here on Dreamwidth. For those not in the know, [community profile] sg_delights  is a community for mature content artworks for the Stargate fandom. Feel free to join for content from DW users, join the LJ community, or both!

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Due to the great feedback from you guys and our friends on Livejournal, [personal profile] eilidh17  and I have opened a Dreamwidth community for sg1_debrief.

LJ content will continue to be posted to the LJ community while [community profile] sg1_debrief  will be for Dreamwidth Stargate SG-1 content. Both will continue to be weekly newsletters. If you  are interesting in subscribing to the Dreamwidth comm, please head on over to [community profile] sg1_debrief . Also check out our welcome/sign up post and leave us a comment if you would like to share your Dreamwidth wares.

If you so feel the desire, please consider pimping out the comm so we can get any many journals and communities in to spread the SG-1 love!

Thank you guys for all of your input and help with this. <3
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[personal profile] eilidh17  and I are considering opening up a Dreamwidth community, equivalent to the sg1_debrief, but before we take our idea to the next stage, we’d love to hear your opinion.

Our reason for venturing down this path is to catch as much fandom activity as possible, further spreading the incredible talent of our members to the greater community. In order to make the Dreamwidth community work, we would need the help of the membership here to lock into the comm, so we can capture fandom activity, thus making the newsletter a viable option.

Our question to you is: Can we make this work? Is there enough interest from those who use Dreamwidth to make a SG1 Debrief community work here?
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* LJ your new posting interface is bad and you should feel bad.

* Eleven needs to put MacGyver on Sundays too, I want my daily fix (yeah I have them all on DVD *handwaves*).

* Someone should make this song into an SG music video *bats eyelashes*

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Most of you on my flist already know, but just in case:

The daniel_vala "Where Are They Now-apaloosa" is taking sign ups - I assume up until Nov 1st when it starts. All you have to do is make a little something any fan art/fictiony medium with the theme of where you think Daniel are Vala are now (now being from Unending to whenever/wherever). Pick a day, write some porn, draw some stick figures - share the love!

And of course the annual dv_exchange holiday gift project sign ups are open, leave your wishes and what you are able to give in return - deadline to join in is Oct 30th. This is the exchange's 6th year running - that's a lot of happy holidays, let's make it another one!

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[info]eilidh17 and I have started a new community for Stargate artworks with a mature flare. Manips, digital and any form of traditional arts are most welcome. Come check it out! Cake? Pie? All pairings, het/slash and all characters welcome (hey you can paint Hammond like one of your French girls if you want!) Membership is required for participation, c'mon, you know you want to. ;P

[info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights [info]sg_delights
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8 hours, 2 helpers and a quick google search for tricky CSS... tricks, and voila! Ain't she purdy? I am really happy with the header and I am thinking of making some more in a similar style if anyone is interested? The full extent of the orange to black gradient background image is for more noticeable on larger screens with a higher resolution so I've included a screencap below:

(click to enlarge)


Mar. 15th, 2010 07:52 pm
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For those current and ex-Archivers who haven't been on in a while I would just like to inform you of Janis' ( [ profile] indyjan's) passing. Her daughter has posted the details here and here with information to contact her family to pass along your condolences if you so wish.

My condolences and thoughts go out to them at this time.

I knew Janis almost 6 years, and in that time we had some of the best conversations. Be they in the Guys of Stargate threads to something heavier - and she was never afraid to have her own strong opinion on any topic. I will cherish those times and her, always.

Rest in peace and farewell, my friend.
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Wow, thankyou so much for the snowflakes [ profile] thewlisian , [ profile] sg_dingo & Anonymous! I will keep them in my freezer so they don't melt in this heat, heh!

[ profile] l_jade , girl!!! You have put me in perpetual squee, you have made my year! :P

And lastly, y'all have to go read this excellent Stargate/MacGyver fic [ profile] troyswann wrote for me: Bad Pennies II: The Flipside - a sequel to one of my favourite fics with all the most awesome elements from both fandoms!

I have to stop ending all my sentences in exclamation marks!!!
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I decided to revamp this place a little. Kept the colour scheme, but I have a new header and profile. What do you think? I also renamed the journal, as the original was a line from a Nightwish song that I thought of on the spot when I first signed up for livejournal.

Tonight's NCIS was interesting - Legend Part 2. Most of the Rivkin stuff was predictable, but, I think I've found a new fun slash pairing in Callen/Hanna. I'm sure the rest of the new characters will grow on me once they're fleshed out a little. The Tony and Ziva stuff is getting a little hard to read, maybe they're jamming too many different meanings in their brief interactions. It's fun having the saucy little love/hate thing going, but it's getting to the point where they're both acting a little out of character. Ziva is cold and distant in a way that deliberatly makes her look suspect, and Tony is overly agressive with her in his questioning (fueled by her secrecy when it comes to a matter concerning NCIS of course). I read the spoilers, so I do know what happens in the last two episodes. I guess I'll have to wait and see for myself how that pans out on screen.
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Why did it take me so long to figure out Barney's new wingman was the MacGruber guy? :P


I signed up for a Dreamwidth account so I could comment over there seeing as a handful of you seem to have moved. I'm staying here, but I have 2 invite codes if anyone is interested. Comment and I'll pm you. First in, first served. :)
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Wow, defriended twice in the last two hours...was it something I said?
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My contribution to the [ profile] daniel_vala month of love for Feb 28th...which I forgot about and posted yesterday instead.

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*Points to my shiny new layout* - another [ profile] mercscilla masterpiece. New banner too, just because. :)

Posted for 2 days of the [ profile] daniel_vala Month of Love - Day 4 and Day 11.

[ profile] sg1_five_things - Five Explanations For The Panties That Jack Finds In Daniel's Underwear Drawer.

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