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11 x Manips
07 x Stargate Actors
03 x Animals
02 x MacGyver Comics
02 x Shaun Micallef
01 x Leonard Nemoy
01 x Misc








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OK so this is most of my icon folder stuffs cleared, save for a few Sanctuary spoiler pics which...well there's no point in making them as they can't be used yet anyway. I await with baited breath. *g* I do hope these can be enjoyed for now. :)

17 x Amanda Tapping/Sanctuary icons
09 x Sea Shepherd/Whale Wars icons
08 x Bruce Campbell/The Evil Dead icons
08 x Stargate/ SG actors icons
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The Japanese whalers have officially ended their 2010-2011 slaughter and are on their way back to Japan.

Can I get a 'HELL YEAH'?!?! XD



Jun. 24th, 2010 07:58 am
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The international moratorium on commercial whaling still stands!

The IWC couldn't even bring it to vote. Whales are legally protected for at least another year.
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I was cleaning out my bookmarks today and came across this video I bookmarked to watch, probably forever ago, so I actually watched it today and while I am going to post it on [livejournal.com profile] whale_sanctuary I would very much like to share it here too. It's about a photographer - Bryant Austin who wants to photograph whales without fish eye or wide angle lenses in order to create life sized pieces of art to show in whaling countries in order to promote conservation and education. One image is made up of 300 photographs! It's quite a stunning and beautiful short. :)

Short Film: In the Eye of the Whale from MMCTA on Vimeo.

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It's the phrase "as it currently stands" that has me the most worried...
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So the government's come out of left field and actually announced they're taking Japan to the International Court of Justice over their illegal commercial whaling. I'd like to say I was ecstatic about this - I could have even used my LJ mood theme thingie and everything! But at this point in time, I don't think the outcomes are looking all that favourable.

Without a doubt this is a political ploy to distract away from the government's debacles over the last few months with the insulation and school halls stuff. Not to mention Rudd's rapidly free-falling approval ratings.

I worry because it was only a few short months ago Rudd resigned the notion of suing Japan until December this year - AFTER the election and a few weeks after that announced they were shelving the issue indefinitely. Now suddenly they're pushing ahead next week - hardly enough time to build a proper case - this is yet another issue they seem to be tackling half arsed that will probably either blow up in their faces or wilt under any kind of proper scrutiny.

It's also quite telling that the announcement was handled largely by Stephen Smith, not Peter Garrett who's appeared quite the fool recently, and is now relegated to pretty much keeping his mouth shut. Yes he is the foreign affairs minister, but whaling falls squarely under Garrett's portfolio.

There's also the International Whaling Commission's Obama spear-headed proposal to legalise commercial whaling which if approved would severely weaken Australia's position and force them to rely solely upon the laws of the Antarctic treaty. But then again, Japan is already ignoring the bits and pieces of that treaty they find unfavourable too.

I will post all of the news, videos and what not over at [livejournal.com profile] whale_sanctuary if you're interested in learning more.
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X-posted @ [livejournal.com profile] whale_sanctuary 

"Helsinki, 23rd May 2010: A two day multi-disciplinary conference held at the University of Helsinki, Finland, addressed the question of whether whales and dolphins should be considered as non-human persons and granted special status. Experts covering various disciplines ranging from behavioural science to philosophy and international law concluded that all whales and dolphins have the right to life, liberty and wellbeing.

The attendees discussed the increasing body of scientific evidence with respect to cetaceans, including emergent understanding of self-awareness, abstract thought and cultural complexity. The meeting assessed this data in the context of our current moral principles, and subsequently concluded a 'Declaration on Rights for whales and dolphins'.

If you wish to read and sign the Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans, please go here.
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This is something I would have posted over at [livejournal.com profile] whale_sanctuary but seeing as we only have one American member, I thought sharing it here might be a bid more productive.

As some of you know, the Obama administration, along with the IWC (international whaling commission) are proposing a return to commercial whaling - this issue will be voted upon by the IWC nations in July. The proposal includes guidelines that limit the commercial whaling activities of nations like Japan, Norway and Iceland, but offer nothing past a 10 year plan to steadily decrease the amount killed - meaning that these nations (who are currently breaking IWC laws against commercial whaling and trade in whale products) and any others wishing to resume whaling can legally do so in a decade with no kill limits.

The NRDC have put together a quick and easy system by which you can send an email to President Obama asking him to reject the proposal to resume commercial whaling. Nations on either side of the issue (Australia and Japan) have already rejected the proposal and if you wouldn't mind sending off a quick email urging the American government to honour Obama's promise to end commercial whaling when he was elected I would be most greatful.

Please send a message to Obama here.

Ok, that's my break up, off to the second half of my final assessment. eep!
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I've been putting together [livejournal.com profile] whale_sanctuary for a while now and I think it's finally ready to 'officially open'. There are a bunch of news articles regarding whaling, study and a few fun videos here and there. Anyone is welcome to join and share their own news, personal stories, essays, whatever you like regarding whales.

This is a topic very close to me. I grew up watching whales on the east coast of Australia and have been involved with various campaigns against whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in Australian territorial waters for 6 years now aiding in different capacities with the Humane Society International and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This community is just one small way in which I can hope to raise awareness about this issue and I would ask that anyone wishing to share this community with others to please do.

Hope to see you there. :)

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Upon the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel the Steve Irwin's return to port in Hobart this morning, the Australian federal police once again raided the ship on the request of Japanese authorities. The Bob Barker was also boarded when it came into port this afternoon to be welcomed by supporters and Senator Bob Brown.

"``The spineless Rudd Government has laid charges, including throwing of rancid butter, but the Shonan Maru's sinking of the the whale-protection boat Ady Gil, threatening the lives of six crew members, is not mentioned,'' Senator Brown said.

``Tokyo has taken over Australia's Antarctic seas and whales and now it controls events in Hobart.''

An AFP spokesman confirmed that it conducted a search warrant on board the Steve Irwin as a result of a formal referral from Japanese authorities

Australian Federal Police raid anti-whaling ship after Japanese complaint

AFP search second anti-whaling boat
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A few more updates on the Ady Gil:

Interview with Chuck Swift - American Captain of the Sea Shepherd vessel Bob Barker - this includes footage of the ramming for those of you who haven't seen it. Reports on the physical and emotion well being of those involved who are currently aboard the Bob Barker, and what the probable results of this encounter will be.

Australian Government urged to take action on whaling - short little news video report in there, along with the Australian government's official stance on whaling, giving Japan 6 months to stop whaling before Australia will even entertain legal action *sigh*.

"We won't be stopped" says Sea Shepherd - Paul Watson talks about the lack of action from both the Australian and New Zealand governments over their 'concerns' about Japanese whaling. And why Sea Shepherd will not be restrained when defending whales against illegal slaughter.

Video of the ramming from on board the Ady Gil:

A big thankyou to [livejournal.com profile] secretbutterfly for helping find links and footage over the last few days. *hugs*
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Next month scientists from Australia's Department of Conservation and New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research are heading down to the Ross Sea to participate in the first non-lethal whale research program in the area. This has been in the works for some time as a deterrent to Japanese whaling which is done under the guise of scientific research.

The information collected through photographic evidence, satellite tagging and biopsy will be used to determine migration patterns as well as research on genetics.

While I wish the 18 scientists on board all the best and am all for non-lethal research, using this as a whaling deterrent seems a little soft-cocked given the multitude of other options available to the government. The laws are already in place to give the Australian government the power to escort the Japanese whaling vessels from our territorial waters and now that the Japanese have sent military vessels the last 2 seasons gives the Australian government even more provocation to take action under international maritime laws -  laws recognised outside of our own sovereignty.

The opposition has also given the government an ultimatum to either send a ship to the Southern Whale Sanctuary to monitor the Japanese whaling and protect the Sea Shepherd conservation ship Steve Irwin by the end of January, or be prepared to take the Japanese government to international court over their illegal whaling by June 30 as per their pre-election promise in 2007 to rid our waters of whaling for good.

More information:
Media release for the joint Australian/New Zealand whale research expedition
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research website
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I just got home from watching The Cove, am totally heartbroken right now. I thought I would bawl in the cinema, but my anger got the better of me instead and I just seethed. I don't normally seethe. It was everything I thought it would be and more. The 'covert ops' stuff they did in Taiji was amazing. Night vision cameras captures their escapades as they scaled the cliffs and landscape around the cove, setting up hidden cameras to capture just one day of the 7 month long slaughter of Japan's dolphins. I am in awe and have a great deal of respect for people like these, Ric O'Barry and co, who have the courage to lay not only their futures, but their lives down for the environment and animal conservation - but also for the future generations of our own species too.

The most upsetting and powerful part of this film for me was not the fisherman ripping dolphins apart, hacking into their flesh as the dolphin's cries echoed in surround sound, it was watching a little Japanese boy eating the mercury laced dolphin meat from his lunch box. Completely unaware of the poison his own people were feeding him. The other, was the Japanese fisheries spokesman they interviewed, then showed him firsthand footage of the dolphin slaughter. After all his lies, his face told the truth. This is not right.

I did want to smile however, as Ric O'Barry walked into one International Whaling Commission meeting, blank expression upon his face, a small LCD television strapped to his chest, with the footage taken from Taiji - a sea of red, the high pitched cries of dying animals, writhing about in the water as their families were hacked to death Jason Voorhees style. But while all cameras in the room turned towards O'Barry, sharing his pain with the world, the IWC once again sat by, and did nothing.

This film is part spy movie, part call for humanity. The dolphin slaughter in Taiji is one of the great ignored issues, I have certainly seen this for myself the past few years, but I hope beyond hope that this film is able to get the message out there that it is up to *us* to speak out against this.

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Back in '07, Heath Ledger directed the music video for King Rat by Modest Mouse. He passed away before it was finished, but his ideas and the message he wished to convey were kept alive, and thus the video has just recently been released.

I braved iTunes and downloaded it because I had heard of this video before. It is quite vivid in its depiction of the whale slaughter that occurs every year in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. For an animated short, it is quite brutal to watch, but rewarding in that it doesn't smack you over the head with the issue, but presents an honest sadness hidden amongst the frivolity of criminal activities.

All proceeds from iTunes for this video until September 4th will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to support their campaign again illegal whaling in Australian waters.
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Migaloo was 'ere today! :D

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Latest from the International Wankfest Whaling Commission: Of the 679 whales taken this past Summer in the Southern Whale Sanctuary, 192 of them were pregnant.

I am at a loss for words right now.

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The Anglican Church of Australia and Atheists agree on blasphemy no longer being a criminal offence

This is a great step forward in our secular society, especially when it comes to media content. I for one look forward to a more evenly spread debate, and freedom of expression and ideas on television.


Taking on the Goliaths of Doom and The Contradictions of International Conservation Law by Paul Watson

A great take on the state of affairs regarding illegal whaling and the fallout of what is to come from both an ecological and economic standpoint.


Sir David Attenborough gets hate mail from creationists because he doesn't credit 'god'

This one just made me laugh. :P

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