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I started reading Ouroboros back in June, however life took over and I didn’t pick it up again until a few days ago. I remember wanting a story where the conflicts between characters – especially Jack and Daniel, so prevalent in the last few novels I have read, was something not as overt in Ouroboros. And I got my wish. This novel was team fiction, after Jack had left SG-1 to run the SGC. My second wish was a reduction of canon errors that again have plagued these books, and I only came across one!

Reality Or Bust! )
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I finally managed to watch the entirety of SGU. There were some decent sci fi elements in there with signs of intelligent design in the universe’s background radiation and the search for that life being Destiny’s mission (did the ancients send probes or something less techy then a whole bloody spaceship before Destiny and the seed ships?) The character development was wishy washy, the stereotypes like Greer were painful at times, but by the end, some of the characters were a wee bit more likeable I suppose.

Now, coming to watch this show as an SG-1 fan (and a woman (gasp horror, the demographic!) won’t somebody think of the children?), the biggest question I wanted answered by the end of it was – what happened to Jack O’Neill?

I thought they would have at least mentioned him in passing when Homeworld Security was blown up by the Lucian Alliance. Was he there? Was he injured? How far away was he from the explosion? Did he get a dose of radiation poisoning from proximity? A fair amount of the episode was set in the Pentagon. I kind of madly want fic about this.

Then! Then, when they do get the stones working again, we see Telford using Jack’s office. I couldn’t see much of the background because of the way the show was shot with the zooming around and the out of focus areas, so it was near impossible to know if any of Jack’s personal effects were still in there or if he was gone, elsewhere.

Where’s our Jack?

And the other kicker is McBoobs (I can’t remember *all* the names) casually mentions that Daniel and McKay are working together at the SGC now… bleh. Daniel’s supposed to be in Washington with Jack. :P

(And can anyone remember if a Goa'uld manufactured the naquahdria on Langara, or if it was already there? Could naquahdria exist elsewhere in the milky way for them to dial the ninth chevron without a ZedPM?)
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* Just finished watching all of Atlantis.

- I really really hate what they did to Weir.
- Charlie is buying me the Legacy series for Giftmas, yay!
- Still don't like Woolsey.
- They really liked their zombie stories later on.
- Don't like how Teyla was sidelined in season 5.
- Shep/Todd <3

* Now I am attempting once more to watch Universe through all the way, if only to actually find what happens at the end of the franchise.

- At least I'll get to see Jack, Daniel & Sam again...

* SG-1 is home. <3
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Behind the scenes at Bridge - how the boys club affected the Stargate franchise and alienated its viewers. This one links to [personal profile] campylobacter 's tumblr, and I hope she doesn't mind, because hers had a great continuation of the thread of conversation. It's a fair read, but there is a lot of insight into the workings behind the Stargate franchise and the individual plays of both cast and crew.There are a lot of valid ideas here.

"Richard Dean Anderson is...?" This one questions and rallies against the culture of body shaming actors just because they are in the public eye. It focuses primarily on the media and fan attacks upon RDA's weight gain, and questions the reasons behind why people feel such comments need to be made.
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Encouragement from both [personal profile] jdjunkie  &  [personal profile] campylobacter  has led to the creation of these Jack/Daniel themed icons from the SGU episode 'Subversion'. For those of you not in the know, Daniel is now Jack's private dancer eye and carries a rather envious DSLR with which to swing over his shoulder and climb ladders during butt shots and snap bad guys from rooftops. Back at the office Jack and Daniel spend their time eye!sexin' which isn't bad, but there is a nice blue flag in Jack's office that really matches Daniel's eyes, just sayin'...





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Yeah so I broke down and watched Subversion. (legally) :P

I love how RDA & MS can do so much with so little! There was total eye sexin' in Jack's office... I think I understood most of what's going on. So is Daniel working directly under Jack again? it were. Spy!Daniel is dayam! I do love how Jack is S-M-A-R-T AGAIN.

The office scene where Jack sides just that much more with Young's plan rather than Daniel's, Daniel looks like he is on the tip of an objection that would have devolved into a snarking match, but omg they're all grown up now and know that while there is a disagreement, there is also acceptance because they're so in sync and love and totally shackin' up don't ya know?!?!

And Daniel with that telephoto lens slung over his shoulder...oh Stargate and your blatant erotic symbolism... what? :P


Feb. 2nd, 2011 10:49 am
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* I have been on a Daniel/Vala kick recently and have some stuff thrown together for the [info]daniel_vala month of love challenge. I will be able to help fill in some of those empty days which is good! I still want to write a little something, but we'll see if my muse decides to come waltzing through the door wearing flannel and shades (yes my muse is Poochie :P) with a 'hey, whatsa matter?' expression on his face. Also someone may have been distracting tempting me with Daniel/Will Zimmerman, which I have to admit to writing a little porn something for way back when and never finishing it... :P

* Some shows are slowly making their way back to our screens here. Shit My Dad Says premieres tonight, so I will be giving that one a go. Besides The Big Bang Theory I haven't watched any sitcoms lately.

* Hawaii Five-O  )

* NCIS: Los Angeles season 2 opener )

* I have seen the first few episodes of SGU as it's just started airing here on 11's Thursday sci fi line up...I'm still waiting for something to actually happen. The acting isn't bad, Robert Carlyle in particular, but it seems the same old teenage boy tropes are being paraded about. Eli's perving/not perving on Chloe in the shower, childish bickering every episode...who cares? If I can't find a reason to like the characters, how can I give a shit about what's happening to them? The ad for this week's episode is something about them crashing into a sun, 3 hours to live so they're off bonking or whatever (I get the whole 'affirmation of life' dealy, but I suspect that aspect will not be touched upon or merely glossed over). Now, SG-1 could have done that at the end of Fail Safe, would have been a livelier end :P, but SGU seems to be the new kid trying too hard to be cool. Sorry, not impressed.

* ST: TNG - John DeLancie, 'nuff said.

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SGU lasted 4 episodes on Australian fta tv, *snerk*

The bitches also removed Supernatural. >:(
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Boredom + Photoshop + pissed offeddness + running around crazy the last few days + macros are fun damnit!

And there's the Gatefail version *Universe spoilers* )
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[ profile] nialla42 linked to this excerpt of a NY magazine article from a few days ago.

Universe spoliers )

I expected better from Lou Diamond Phillips. :(
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You know, I gave the idea of Universe another chance after reading Brad Wright's latest stuff on Mallozzi's blog (Yes, I actually went there for 5 minutes, ugh!). But seeing the casting (and albeit slightly less nauseating character name changes) for the male characters complete (I loathe who will be cast as those god awful stereotypical space barbie women), it's oh so expediently slipped from my graces once again.

Spoilahs bitches! )

Seriously, I thought we had moved past this...
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Oh Stargate, you're ignoring your most prevalent demographic under the outmoded assumption that the franchise is only watched by fapping little fanboys (apologies if you are, please go about your business), and your reliance on stereotypes and 'the Jack O'Neill mold' does not appeal to me (who is on the fringe of your target audience).

These are your characters? Seriously? )

I honestly don't know if I should give this show the time of day. If it were anything other than Stargate, I wouldn't blink an eye.

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