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I have been on a somewhat curbed internet hiatus since Thursday last week (yes, we got it a day earlier than most, but the tickets have been sold out around here for weeks and weeks), and thankfully avoided spoilers, and really, for this film, I am so glad I did. Of course I grew up watching the original trilogy (who didn't?), however I only know bits and pieces from the prequels, so my understanding in that regard may be a little sketchy.

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Amanda Tapping's Space Milkshake is now available for purchase @

For $8.00 Canadian, you can see multiple dimensions, rubber ducks in space, tentacle sex, gender confused computers, and partial nudity. What a bargin! Space Milkshake was made in 2012, and stars Billy Boyd, Amanda Tapping, Kristin Kreuk, Robin Dunne & George Takei. (The website has games and bloopers and stuff too!)

If you like non genre-specific sci fi comedy (oh...), check it out!
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Tactical Force starring both Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig was released here the other day. I know, I know, we're far far behind. But I liked it, so I jotted down some notes while watching just for the lulz...

For those of you playing along at home... )

We were laughing and cringing in places (gratuitous head shots), it was a fun watch!
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12 x Amanda Tapping
12 x The Last Unicorn
11 x Saving Hope
07 x Uncharted
07 x David Tennant
02 x Robin Dunne
01 x TOFOP














Resource credit to: [info]zehara, [info]78777, [info]mayush17, [info]iconraven, [info]kitamikeita, [info]second_love, [info]aoi_sama896 & [info]vintagesol

Screen cap credit to: [info]dannysgirlsg1, [info]campylobacter & [info]discodiva76
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Firstly, damn you Campy! I still cannot disassociate that image... Secondly, have any other Aussies watched this film yet? I can completely understand how the plethora of soapie um..stars would be offputting, but it's Michael Shanks, and there is that twinge of guilt those of us in the arts feel if we don't fully support our wee fledging film industry, amiright? *sigh* I had hoped since Screen Tasmania had a hand in it's production that we could avoid all of the dodgy Australianisms that tend to come forward when a film is made for an American audience. C'mon, they're smart enough to know we don't spend all day drinking Fosters at the local pub and calling everyone 'mate'. But, it was an ok watch otherwise, an interesting mixture of Australian and Canadian production very evident throughout. In fact a group of us watched this with almost non stop laughter and I have the notes I jotted below:

Why you don't wear a Hawaiian shirt in the Southern Ocean in Spring... )
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So my brother gave me a movie 'with that Sanctuary guy in it' for giftmas. Yes, Robin Dunne stars as Robin Hood in Beyond Sherwood Forest aka Robin Hood Fights A Dragon.

A plethora of Sanctuary and Stargate actors flock to the flattest piece of land they can find in British Columbia for this film and dare I say it - for a Syfail film, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Still loltastic however. Shall we begin?

*snerk* spoilers ahead *snerk* )

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I bought this for the lulz...and because it was $1...

The follwoing occured between 8:30pm September 1st, 2009 and 10:00pm September 1st, 2009... )

And I didn't make one naughty 'mega snake' joke. I must be mature or something...
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I just got home from watching The Cove, am totally heartbroken right now. I thought I would bawl in the cinema, but my anger got the better of me instead and I just seethed. I don't normally seethe. It was everything I thought it would be and more. The 'covert ops' stuff they did in Taiji was amazing. Night vision cameras captures their escapades as they scaled the cliffs and landscape around the cove, setting up hidden cameras to capture just one day of the 7 month long slaughter of Japan's dolphins. I am in awe and have a great deal of respect for people like these, Ric O'Barry and co, who have the courage to lay not only their futures, but their lives down for the environment and animal conservation - but also for the future generations of our own species too.

The most upsetting and powerful part of this film for me was not the fisherman ripping dolphins apart, hacking into their flesh as the dolphin's cries echoed in surround sound, it was watching a little Japanese boy eating the mercury laced dolphin meat from his lunch box. Completely unaware of the poison his own people were feeding him. The other, was the Japanese fisheries spokesman they interviewed, then showed him firsthand footage of the dolphin slaughter. After all his lies, his face told the truth. This is not right.

I did want to smile however, as Ric O'Barry walked into one International Whaling Commission meeting, blank expression upon his face, a small LCD television strapped to his chest, with the footage taken from Taiji - a sea of red, the high pitched cries of dying animals, writhing about in the water as their families were hacked to death Jason Voorhees style. But while all cameras in the room turned towards O'Barry, sharing his pain with the world, the IWC once again sat by, and did nothing.

This film is part spy movie, part call for humanity. The dolphin slaughter in Taiji is one of the great ignored issues, I have certainly seen this for myself the past few years, but I hope beyond hope that this film is able to get the message out there that it is up to *us* to speak out against this.

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Looks like MacGruber is being made into a movie...


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