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For anyone who saw "Whale Whores", yes it was quite scathing, wasn't it? lol! Oh well, it was a shit load of free advertising and in the end made some very good points. Plus it made for some fun icons. The rest of these are behind the scenes RDA from SGU which I pinched from [personal profile] l_jade so I'm not quite sure which episode these are from, but I suspect it's already aired. And that pic of Shanks from Lost City (which I totally didn't know about til a few weeks ago! Serves me for not ever looking at the photo galleries on the dvds).





Resource credit to: [profile] lil_brokenangel , [ profile] noisettee , [personal profile] lore_85 , [ profile] piemin & [ profile] generosa
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Forget the fact that Daniel Jackson is the leader of SG-1, did you know there are people living on Altlantis!?!?

Yes, I got the season 3 boxed set of Atlantis. Well, it didn't actually come in a box, as only the slimline ones were available, but I don't mind as any ideas on having some sort of conformity with my Stargate dvds kinda went out the window with the cheap boxes that seasons 9 and 10 came in, not to mention the designs. *sigh* Oh well, aside from that there was no episode guide included, and no list of special features, so pop the disc in and surprise, surprise! The dvds themselves have a very clean and easy to navigate layout, despite being a little bland in the graphics department compared with early seasons.

The cover is shiny as always, but it would have been nice had they actually put some effort into the layout. Pasting in various screencaptures and promo shots does not a quality image make. The Shep, Weir and McKay shots look like they're from stills of Return II (David Hewlett looks very Gerard Way-esque btw) the Ronan pic is from Sateda, and the bored!Teyla I'm pretty sure is a promo shot from season 2. *another sigh*

So far I've only watched the special features, no commentaries yet as I took a look and decided they could wait, since the only interesting person whose name came up was Martin Wood. And there's no commentary for The Real World! *major pout*

The special feature for Sateda: I quite enjoyed this one, great behind the scenes stuff, especially with the stunts and everything. (Stunt people are insane! lol) and I'm warming to Robert Cooper.

Visual FX Department: Totally fascinating. I always thought it would be cool to work in that area. I'm in awe of what they are able to accomplish, and just how great the final product looks.

Progeny special feature: Meh.

Profile On Rachel Luttrell: This was actually interesting, and I didn't expect it to be, because I'm not that much of a Teyla fan. She's one of those relegated characters that despite the one off monster story or spouting tid bits of alien cultural knowledge, doesn't really have all that much impact on the show. Sadly, I think the character building of Teyla may be one of the more interesting things in season 4.

Phantoms special feature: Martin Wood ftw! I didn't even particularly like the episode all that much, but this was great. Although I don't understand why one of the 'taliban' extras was wearing pink pants?

General O'Neill Goes To Atlantis: *hearts RDA* I actually watched this with my mum. Her only comment was "Wow, he's put on a little weight, hasn't he?" Hehe. Great stuff from both RDA and Brad Wright. I like the throwbacks to how things were in the early years on SG-1, the ad-libbing (I knew the thinking of England line was! ha!) and RDA calling on the little idiosyncrasies of 'acting underwater', and we can't forget all those wet!RDA shots. ^_^

The Game special feature: Also meh.

Masters of the Alien: Now this was interesting. How they make all the prosthetics and blend them with make up and just the amount of time and effort put into creating these creatures (and old!Shep) and the actors (Dan Payne ftw!) who put up with all that crap on their faces and bodies.

First Strike special feature: God damn, I was cringing when they were explaining that the stunt woman couldn't land on the safety mat because the glass had beaten her to it. Insane!

A Look Back On Season 3 with Martin Gero: And the point of this was? Aside from lessening my faith once more in what season 4 has to offer, I didn't understand the need to recap everything we'd just watched? Was it supposed to be informative or opinionative? Anywho, I'm sorry, but he looked like he was about to cream his pants when talking about offing Carson in Sunday. It felt off, and I'm going to leave it there as I know what's going to happen in season 4, yet I've yet to see any sort of acknowledgment for the amount of support there is out there for certain characters on the show.
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...this final, climatic season of the groundbreaking sci-fi series STARGATE SG-1. Throughout their service to country and planet, the brave soldiers and scientists of SG-1 have travelled instantaneously to other worlds, investigated alien mysteries and protected Earth from hostile alien forces. And now, in Season 10, the team, led by Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), embarks on their ultimate adventure. Where will it lead them? Will they succeed?"

I always get some sick little kick when people who've obviously never seen the show write about it in some form. Yes, that was the blurb on the back of the season 10 box set. Overall I think it's pretty good, despite the flimsy box (same as season 9's) and the omission of Vala from the team photo on the box (what's with that!)

I don't know why, but since they changed the format of the director's series the last two years, I've found them to be quite boring. I haven't watched them all yet, but the one for Insiders - boring as. The Memento Mori one was good, but I suspect that was Peter DeLuise's doing. The Shroud one passes purely on the antics of MS and RDA. I cannot believe how giddy I got watching that man again *swoons*

The behind the scenes feature for 200 again, was a credit to the actors - RDA and BB rolling the orange down the gate ramp! RDA in the green suit LMAO! And his enactment for the puppet scene - he came up with the finger pointing! Ha! and Martin Wood's trip to LA(?) and the puppets. Now that was interesting. Although, when they showed the battery running out on the Jack!puppet and it did the 'donkeyface' I think I cried a little inside. That was to most horrid thing ever! The Unending special, wow, I wanted to cry when CJ delivered his speech while the main cast were all wrapped around one another on the ramp.

The deleted scenes were interesting. I can see why they were cut, but they were still pretty awesome, particularly the Morpheus ones. (The last one was very Farscape-esque)

Lastly, Gary Jones' special was kinda sweet, although I'm not a big fan of the overacted BS where his downplays his interactions with the cast and crew. Makes me feel a little sad. Not for him, for the lameness, or something like that.

On to the commentaries!

Usually, I listen to them in order, but this time I just went with my favourite episodes from the season.

Both 200 commentaries were great. Nice to hear a little from Brad Wright. Martin Wood, awesome as always.

The Memento Mori one wasn't half bad considering Mallozzi did it. We get it, you're a funny guy, but you're still a bit of an ass.

Line In The Sand - *Hearts AT* Bravo to her for being the one to mention the lack of black leads in Stargate and television in general. And I always love it when they have an actor deconstruct their character, not to mention her Sam/Cam comments at the end *squee*

The Road Not Taken - I was only half listening to this one, but I noticed AT's comments on the politics of the episode and how they could be a sort of mirror to today's political environment and/or its possibilities. Wasn't too thrilled on the Sam/McKay stuff, oh dear, hehe.

The Shroud - Guh! All that awesome Jack/Daniel interaction and they talk over the whole thing about set up and lighting and whatever! Good bit was at the end, sounds like the hair ruffling was an RDA adlib, awesome! "Too much?" ROFL! And they were right, it was such a throwback to the Spacemonkey years.

Unending - This one was of course bittersweet. AT again gave great insight into the episode and the characters. Sam/Teal'c? *loves* And Beau Bridges telling naughty jokes at the table to make them all laugh *aww, hehe*
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This one's for [personal profile] sg_wonderland who mentioned that region one missed out on this little gem too. This was available on the first disc from volume 5 on the season 8 dvds.

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Sorry it's taken me so long to do this, truthfully, I'm just a very very lazy person. Well, that, and I have an assignment due tomorrow :P Anyway, I only transcribed Shanks' section of the Director's Series because quite frankly, the rest was incredibly boring, well, aside from the director gushing all over the principal cast, which was kinda sweet.

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Another re-post of a special features transcript with pics. With regard to the Ethon one, would you prefer the whole thing or just the section where Michael Shanks goes on a tour of the haunted hospital? The rest is frightfully boring IMO. I'll also take requests for other special features too.

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I've had a couple of requests for the special features transcripts with pics I wrote up on the old message boards, and was reminded of it again this morning, so I thought I'd re-post them here for anyone who's interested and/or didn't get them on their own box sets. As far as I know, these weren't on the region 1 discs. I'll be adding the Director's Series for Moebius, and possibly Ethon soon, and if anyone has a request, I'd be happy to write one up, provided the segment is available in region 4.

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