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Warning - food porn within.

Because there was this idea and yeah.

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[info]dannysgirlsg1 did a fantastic one of these over on Tumblr, so I felt the need to post one here for my slashy peeps!

My wonderful, lovable, snarkable, OTP! \o/

<3 <3 <3 )
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So I was going to go to bed at a very reasonable time Saturday night for a very important date the next morning *g* but what do you know, the Earth's shadow decided to go and cover the moon for the second time this year!

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What's that line about there only being a finite amount of stories to tell? Threw together this little picspam for shits and giggles.

Screencaps from MacGyver's 'D.O.A. MacGyver' and Stargate SG-1's 'Memento Mori'.

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Another reason for my quietness, is my quietly brooding love of Sanctuary, season 2 of which was released on dvd here last week. I wasn't aware until last night that it isn't out in the US until this week, or the UK until October! I did see some of the episodes on the Australian Sci Fi channel's website, but I have been catching up and watching all the wonderful dvd special features (we actually got them this time! XD) which I am a total sucker for. I commented to [ profile] quarryquest last night that I have probably seen more of Robin Dunne's arse in the last 24 hours than is probably healthy and she immediately asked me to share. Well, in the spirit of brining you all down with me...

Mr. Dunne taking his pants off on opposite sides of the world and another frivolities... )

There really are some great extras on these dvds, mostly filmed by Robin Dunne, bloopers of course, the comic con Sanctuary panel and rehearsals for the infamous Bollywood dance sequence. Oh! And Michael Shanks does the Penance commentary. :D
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Felt like it, and I have accumulated a few more pics through icon making and what not.
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Bored again, and they're so cute, funny, sexy, interesting, wonderful, pretty ...great in the behind the scenes specials. There are a few from seasons 7 and 8.

Also, I was bumming around on the net earlier and found this - List of fictional vegetarians on television. Hehe!
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Just showing my appreciation is all... Inspired by [personal profile] whisper99 and [profile] surrealphantast

And yes, at  [personal profile] whisper99's request, icons will follow! :D
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I've compiled a collage of random pics from my hard drive that offer somewhat of a glimpse into my psyche... tis a scary place...

...some teasers:


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