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The 2015 [community profile] stargate_summer  is a go, folks!
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Hey guys, just a heads up for those participating in the 2015 SG-1 Big Bang over at [community profile] stargate_summer , your story outlines are now due! Check out the information post over at the [community profile] sos_lounge  for more info!

And, sign ups are still open for artists and vidders wishing to make something to go with the stories!

Have fun! \o/
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I let [personal profile] pepelequoi  play with my shiny manipping toys, and she has posted her creations here and here. Damn good for her second and third manips ever! Go give her some love for the pretties! <3 (Jack/Daniel, of course!)
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Title:  "The Ten Con-mandments"
Artists: [personal profile] magnavox_23 , [personal profile] milanthruil  & [ profile] strg8g33k 
Character/Pairing: none
Rating: G

From watching con videos and personal experiences. Meant as parody, not to single any person/s out in particular. Observational humour-esque!

Add your own in the comments!
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Title:  "Beardgate"
Artist: [personal profile] magnavox_23 
Character/Pairing: Team
Rating: G

Because fandom is losing its shit and that's funny.

(Been quiet fandom-wise lately due to non-lugey lugeyness and doing things for food *g*)
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* [personal profile] malnpudl  has put the call out for any artistically inclined fans to help illustrate her anthology of [personal profile] sid 's work in podcast form. I adore transformative works (duh!), and think this is a very lovely project. Please do think of helping if you can. <3

* I have my alphabet soup fic back from [personal profile] eilidh17 's beta (because she is brilliant!) and just have to make a few changes before it is completely... complete. I am pretty excited for this soup, I can't wait to see how everyone tackles the topic of time travel. It is such a daunting topic, but at the same time, an intrinsic sci fi trope.

* I have three other fandomy projects going too, I just need *time* to get to them all.

* RDA's newest 'selfie' is adorkable. *g*

* Over at [community profile] event_horizons , we still have the Season Three Challenge running until the end of the month. Any and all are welcome! I have some ideas for smaller challenges for the comm down the track, because *time*.

* Still can't believe I actually wrote Jack/Sam a few weeks back. it was just an idea that begged to be written down. I am absolutely blown away by the OTPers who gave it a shot, that is fucking humbling. <3

* Pants down icon, because reasons. :D
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For [personal profile] sid , in her honour. RIP.

(Click to embiggen)
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Vale our beautiful friend [personal profile] sid . Thank you for the joy, laughter, tears, and love. Your words are inspiration; your friendship, eternal.

Rest in peace, dear friend. <3
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Via [personal profile] ravenholdt

*crosses fingers*

I cannot express how much I hope this bears fruit. No, this is not a sob story. No, I don't want pity. What I do need, what we need and hope for, is help from those who can afford to help, either by donation or by signal boost.

So if you have the time and inclination, please do boost this.

Much love and thanks.

<3 <3 <3

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Just a few tidbits that stand out for me because most stuff is now covered with the Debrief.

It has only been 4 days since we launched [community profile] event_horizons  on Dreamwidth. [personal profile] eilidh17 's brilliant idea for a lassez faire all genre prompt and challenge comm with no pressure, no sign ups, just a community of ideas to inspire each other. The response has been truly amazing, the works produced have been a pleasure to read, such fun!

Sign ups are now open for the 2014 [community profile] jd_ficathon , a big thank you to everyone running the comm, [personal profile] princessofgeeks , [personal profile] sid , et al. Go make some J/D lovin'! <3

The stuff coming out of fedcon has been so lovely, con reports and photos. [personal profile] annejack in particular has been very generous in sharing her photography skills and writing up a few quite detailed reports on the Stargate panels.

There are of course mixed reactions on the Stargate movie reboots. I'll be interested to see where they take the franchise. I do like the original movie, and whatever they do isn't going to diminish or take away from what we have and have built ourselves from the TV series. I'm happy to give it a go as an AU, or even its own entity. And speaking of, [personal profile] eilenna  has posted Star One's 'The Eye of Ra', a mini musical about the events of the original movie in which Jack, Daniel and Shauri sing! (Floor Jansen plays Shauri, and being a huge Nightwish fan, I think this is *very* cool!). I highly recommend checking it out, [personal profile] eilenna  has provided the movie clip version and the stage version in which the performers adorn Stargate inspired attire.

And, [ profile] geonncannon 's Stargate fandy novel 'Two Roads' is out now! \o/

Keep rockin'!
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The fantabulous [personal profile] jdjunkie  is holding a Jack/Daniel Four Seasons in One Thon starting Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th on Dreamwidth! The theme is Thursday = Spring, Friday = Summer, Saturday = Autumn/Fall & Sunday = Winter, but all J/D lovin' is welcome, slash, pre-slash, friendship, whatever you like!

So go write, meta, manip, draw stick figures, if you're moved to.

I am 3/4 through a little something (a very little something). I even watched Meridian *sniff* (it was in my rewatch anyway, but...)

All the info you need is here! <3
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Firstly, apologies to anyone on Ao3 and Tumblr for the massive spam the last few days. I have been updating my website, Myths of the Gate, which is nine years old and was full of broken links, dodgy codes, etc.

I lost access to the server on which I was hosting a fair amount of the site's content a while back, so for now until I can figure out what else to do, fic for all the authors on there has been linked externally, as is the artwork. About half of the music videos are available at the moment, but if you are interested, please download sparingly so that it doesn't eat up the limited bandwidth. I am willing to email video files if anyone wishes.

The site has also had a facelift and more up to date content has been added. It's a bit haphazard, but the best I can do with a free site and limited HTML knowledge.

Myths of the Gate hosts fan fiction, fan art and fan videos from [personal profile] magnavox_23 , [personal profile] sg_wonderland , [personal profile] eilidh17 , Colonel Sock, Cags & Aegir. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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Yeah, I did a thing. But it was for [personal profile] eilidh17 's birthday, so nyah.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] eilidh17 !!!!! <3

Cut for teh nudes  )
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Ancient Musings Vol. 1 - Available Now!

Ancient Musings, Vol. I has arrived at last! Featuring 280 pages of stories and art, many of these gems have never been published on the Internet before now. Enjoy gen fic from Cancer, DennyJ, and Eilidh17, Jack/Daniel slash from annO, Carlyn, and Marzipan77, and kid fic by amberfly and Cancer. With artwork from Cleo the Muse, Eilidh17, Magnavox_23, and Pat/Kat, this zine is available in digital format only (PDF). Designed for viewing on computers, tablets, and eReaders, this digital zine has built-in bookmarks and table-of-contents links for each of the stories. (Please note that this zine is not printable, as the resolution is too low for printing.)

Edited by Cleo the Muse.

Best of all, it's only $10! We currently accept only PayPal, but we may look into other payment options in the future.

You'll find it at our brand new zine page: Ancient Musings Zines

(We haven't done extensive testing on our new shopping cart feature yet, so if you encounter a glitch, please let Cleo know right away at zines [at] ancientmusings [dot] com)

The proceeds of this zine go 100% to the upkeep of the Ancient Musings website.

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Due to the great feedback from you guys and our friends on Livejournal, [personal profile] eilidh17  and I have opened a Dreamwidth community for sg1_debrief.

LJ content will continue to be posted to the LJ community while [community profile] sg1_debrief  will be for Dreamwidth Stargate SG-1 content. Both will continue to be weekly newsletters. If you  are interesting in subscribing to the Dreamwidth comm, please head on over to [community profile] sg1_debrief . Also check out our welcome/sign up post and leave us a comment if you would like to share your Dreamwidth wares.

If you so feel the desire, please consider pimping out the comm so we can get any many journals and communities in to spread the SG-1 love!

Thank you guys for all of your input and help with this. <3
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[personal profile] eilidh17  and I are considering opening up a Dreamwidth community, equivalent to the sg1_debrief, but before we take our idea to the next stage, we’d love to hear your opinion.

Our reason for venturing down this path is to catch as much fandom activity as possible, further spreading the incredible talent of our members to the greater community. In order to make the Dreamwidth community work, we would need the help of the membership here to lock into the comm, so we can capture fandom activity, thus making the newsletter a viable option.

Our question to you is: Can we make this work? Is there enough interest from those who use Dreamwidth to make a SG1 Debrief community work here?
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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TITLE: Weather The Night
SIZE: ficlet: 500 words, manip: 900x798, multimedia fanart: 900x798, icons 8 x 100x100
SUMMARY: Vala has nightmares when it rains. Ficlet with accompanying manip using all 3 prompts ("It's in the rain" by Enya, Nightmares & Ba'al) I hope the ending isn't depressing! Multimedia fanart using the rain prompt hand drawn & inked image scanned and digitally coloured with texture and script processing. Original here.
GENRES: hurt/comfort, angst, non-con.

Merry DeVilish Christmas!  )
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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Most of you on my flist already know, but just in case:

The daniel_vala "Where Are They Now-apaloosa" is taking sign ups - I assume up until Nov 1st when it starts. All you have to do is make a little something any fan art/fictiony medium with the theme of where you think Daniel are Vala are now (now being from Unending to whenever/wherever). Pick a day, write some porn, draw some stick figures - share the love!

And of course the annual dv_exchange holiday gift project sign ups are open, leave your wishes and what you are able to give in return - deadline to join in is Oct 30th. This is the exchange's 6th year running - that's a lot of happy holidays, let's make it another one!


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