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1 x drawing
4 x icons
3 x banners
2 x wallpapers

(click for full size)
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8 hours, 2 helpers and a quick google search for tricky CSS... tricks, and voila! Ain't she purdy? I am really happy with the header and I am thinking of making some more in a similar style if anyone is interested? The full extent of the orange to black gradient background image is for more noticeable on larger screens with a higher resolution so I've included a screencap below:

(click to enlarge)
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My contribution to the [ profile] daniel_vala month of love for Feb 28th...which I forgot about and posted yesterday instead.

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*Points to my shiny new layout* - another [ profile] mercscilla masterpiece. New banner too, just because. :)

Posted for 2 days of the [ profile] daniel_vala Month of Love - Day 4 and Day 11.

[ profile] sg1_five_things - Five Explanations For The Panties That Jack Finds In Daniel's Underwear Drawer.
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I have a build up of stuff to make into icons and what not, but I couldn't go past making something interesting with these high res Stargate images from [ profile] andreas_ri, and so I threw together some banner and icon sets. I may be able to resize the banners if needed. :)

Under here, under here... )


Image dump!

Jun. 4th, 2007 09:18 pm
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I'm getting back into non fandom related art. I've been so lazy, it's so much easier to be inspired by Jack's hair, Vala's antics or a half naked Shanks. These are my first attempts in a long long time.

Shocking first attempts )
...and because I have yet to post these...

2 Daniel/Vala ) 
*Yawn* Monday night tv sucks.


May. 7th, 2007 09:55 pm
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I was in a snazzy mood, so meh, made some banners for the hell of it.

Brushes credit:

1 Jack/Daniel, 1 Sam/Vala )
1 Daniel/Vala Prometheus Unbound, 2 Daniel/Vala Unending )

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