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Pimping our end of year celebration challenge over at [community profile] event_horizons , wherein the month of December will host the challenge to partake in the creation of any Stargate content relating to an end of year celebration. As always any medium is welcome, fiction, fan art, recs of previous works (yours or anyone else's), as well as any celebration, religious, secular, whatever you like.

Check out the info post, which included a few prompts to inspire you, on Livejournal and Dreamwidth.

Merry Giftmas! \o/
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Amanda Tapping's Space Milkshake is now available for purchase @

For $8.00 Canadian, you can see multiple dimensions, rubber ducks in space, tentacle sex, gender confused computers, and partial nudity. What a bargin! Space Milkshake was made in 2012, and stars Billy Boyd, Amanda Tapping, Kristin Kreuk, Robin Dunne & George Takei. (The website has games and bloopers and stuff too!)

If you like non genre-specific sci fi comedy (oh...), check it out!
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The fantabulous [personal profile] jdjunkie  is holding a Jack/Daniel Four Seasons in One Thon starting Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th on Dreamwidth! The theme is Thursday = Spring, Friday = Summer, Saturday = Autumn/Fall & Sunday = Winter, but all J/D lovin' is welcome, slash, pre-slash, friendship, whatever you like!

So go write, meta, manip, draw stick figures, if you're moved to.

I am 3/4 through a little something (a very little something). I even watched Meridian *sniff* (it was in my rewatch anyway, but...)

All the info you need is here! <3
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You know those rare fics that just punch you in the guts? I'm adding [personal profile] eilidh17 's 'What Price A Soul' to my list.

A heartfelt and haunting one scene shot of contemplation of what it is to be human and what it is to have life. An eerie parallel with Jack's fate in Continuum adds an extra dimension to the piece, as well as its accompanying manip with its stark negative white space reflected off of the over exposed bodies of Jack and Daniel as they lie in an uneasy repose.

What Price A Soul is a succinct, but beautifully melancholic read. <3
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Kate Ritter has archived a new interview with RDA over on Conducted between Fan Expo Canada and Dragon*Con last month, 'A life well lived' is very open and candid telling of Richard's life from singing in a church play to being drafted for Vietnam, and the future of his career. It's fairly long, but very captivating. He has quite a story to tell, and the majority is not material I have heard him share at conventions and such before.

If you're interested, check it out here.
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I've been putting together [ profile] whale_sanctuary for a while now and I think it's finally ready to 'officially open'. There are a bunch of news articles regarding whaling, study and a few fun videos here and there. Anyone is welcome to join and share their own news, personal stories, essays, whatever you like regarding whales.

This is a topic very close to me. I grew up watching whales on the east coast of Australia and have been involved with various campaigns against whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in Australian territorial waters for 6 years now aiding in different capacities with the Humane Society International and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This community is just one small way in which I can hope to raise awareness about this issue and I would ask that anyone wishing to share this community with others to please do.

Hope to see you there. :)

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Title: Revolution
Author: Magnavox
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: They're not mine I just use them from time to time and promise to give them back in perfect working order...eventually ;)
Summary: "Her voice is both a fresh drink of water and a heartbreaking quiver..."
Season/Spoiler info: Future fic, spoilers for Avalon II & Origin.
Author's notes: This started off as just the manip, but it quickly inspired the fic. 654 words. Originally written for the [ profile] daniel_vala  Springtime Is For Lovers challenge here.

The first thing he notices is the grit and salt – remnants of tears on his own face... )

And [ profile] campylobacter in all her awesome awesomeness has written a sequel "Revolution 2: Perfect Working Order" which will provide warm fuzzies for all! Go check it out!!! :D
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*Sigh* what am I getting myself into this year? :P

My 2 weaknesses! :P Go, sign up, play, frolic, bring a towel...
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Women who like gay male porn.

I reccomend this quick read to all my slash inclined flisters. It's such a breath of fresh air reading about this topic from someone who actually knows what they're talking about (especially since the majority i've seen are by ignorant know-it-all men, people who have never experienced fandom etc etc)

"...if our culture took female sexual desire seriously, nobody would blink an eye at it."

Now I am wanting to see the Sherlock Holmes movie even moreso!
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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Go read the contributions for [ profile] sidlj 's and [ profile] jd_junkie 's Jack/Daniel Baby-a-thon (no infants allowed), and post one yourself if you feel so inclined. *hands out bribe temptation cookies* The only rule is that Jack or Daniel have to call the other 'baby'.

I have actually smacked myself around enough to put pen to paper, and jotted down a little something for once - "Oh, Baby" rated PG.
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[personal profile] quarryquest has written a series of meta posts on the similarities between the story of Oma, and Daniel's ascension arc with a range of mythologies with some really tight and comprehensive comparisons. I for one am a huge fan of this stuff, and her work in particular because there isn't alot of this stuff out there, and it is a truly remarkable read.

Oma/Kuan Yin and the Shan Tsai monk comparison

Ascension, Descension and the Power of Myth part 1

Ascension, Descension and the Power of Myth part 2

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