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By way of [info]sg1_debrief because I don't normally visit Gateworld if I can help it. Noticed this in Gateworld's summation of one online report on RDA and his daughter Wylie's roles on the show Raising Hope:

"Anderson (Jack O’Neill on Stargate) will play Keith, the protective father of a girl who may be the object of affection for Jimmy (Lucas Neff), one of the show’s main characters. He’ll appear in the fourth episode of the season, airing in October.

The fun twist is that Keith’s daughter will be played by none other than Anderson’s own 13-year-old daughter, Wylie!

I've only seen Raising Hope in passing, but Jimmy is the guy in his 20's with the baby...'Object of affection'? WTF?

Not until I checked out the original article did I see Gateworld had misquoted or perhaps misinterpreted the plot of the show (and their arc within):

Keith, an imposing patriarch who finds Jimmy (played by Lucas Neff) talking to his daughter at Howdy’s. Based on when he steps into the conversation, Keith suspects that Jimmy is hitting on his little girl — which is kind of an issue, you see, since the lass will be played by Anderson’s 13-year-old real-life daughter, Wylie..

See the difference there? Damn Gateworld, that was kind of skeevy!
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Or, you know, bothering to research some of the most basic concepts on which the show you're writing about is based. I generally suck at writing reviews and I'm not big on bagging someone out for the sake of bagging someone out, but dayam The Power Behind The Throne just scribbled all over my favourite drawing in crayon.

I could sum this book up as '1930's Nazi Germany in space... but not really'. While I'm all for learning from our past - blatantly copying history from a high school text book, whacking our intrepid heroes in there - who aside from Teal'c do nothing until the end of the book (Another reason I am a wee bit pissed - why is Teal'c not on the cover?) and somehow managing to get 17 pieces of canon wrong does not instil any kind of confidence in this trilogy.

Aside from some dodgy characterisation, which can happen from time to time - it's subjective to a degree, I only found the plot to be anywhere near interesting (aka original) right at the end. The last page and a half actually left me wanting to read the next book (which I would have ended up doing anyway because I hate leaving things unfinished).

I don't want to spoil the book for anyone brave or foolhardy enough to read it all the way through :P but I did jot down the inconsistencies I found with regard to canon and a few other mistakes which I will put under a cut. Please tell me more if I missed any!

Mayberry? MAYBERRY?!?!?! )
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I saw this on tv a few days ago and was so glad someone was able to upload it to You Tube because it's a great idea...with a really poor execution. I think I was ok up until Larry starts rubbing himself on the glass window in front of the children, then it got a bit weird...then weirder...

This is what you get for watching daytime television...
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Looks like MacGruber is being made into a movie...


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I do not remember this episode of Captain Planet. I'm almost surprised to hear some of the stuff that's in there now. Also, check out 3:45 where Captain Planet gets a little friendly with a missile in front of Hitler, hehehe...

This show made more sense when I was a kid.
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Mostly just for [ profile] strg8g33k ...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry... )
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From the ad on Channel 7 for Toy Story 1 and 2: "Double the Woody, double the Buzz!"


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Is anyone else with a yahoo email account having trouble signing in? I haven't been able to get in all morning (which is terribly frustrating). It keeps saying my ID or password is invalid, so either there are problems on their end (as it's very slow to respond to anything, and half the time the page won't load) or my account has been hacked and the password changed. I did manage to get in a few hours ago using 'forgot your ID or password' wizard and I changed the password back to my original (which, If someone was hacking wasn't the brightest idea on my part), but now it won't even take my answers to the secret question to confirm identity.



Mar. 3rd, 2008 02:58 pm
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Or am I going crazy?
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And so begins our tale in the mystical world of msn conversation....a few days ago.

(5:39 PM) Rogue: I’m bored:P

(5:39 PM) Mags: ^^

(5:40 PM) Rogue: I hate you>|

(5:40 PM) Mags: No you don't

(5:40 PM) Rogue: Prove it>|

(5:41 PM) Rogue: I say I’m bored and you give me slash tear

(5:41 PM) Rogue: That’s mean!

(5:41 PM) Rogue: I hate teh mean.sad

(5:41 PM) Mags: It's not meant to be mean. It's clearly a joke

(5:41 PM) Mags: I listen to all your game talk :P

(5:42 PM) Rogue: Yeah but I doonae send you game fan-fics:P

(5:42 PM) Mags: Hehe

(5:42 PM) Rogue:'re mean tear:P

(5:42 PM) Mags: Kinky slash tetris hehe

(5:42 PM) Rogue: T-block/ S Block?:P

(5:42 PM) Mags: Hehe hehe

(5:43 PM) Rogue: Don’t joke, you know the rules of the internet:P

(5:43 PM) Rogue: If we can think of it there’s porn of it....somewhere:P

(5:46 PM) Mags: ...and before T block knew it, he was being rotated 90 degrees, falling at a constant, falling towards that gap in the wall beneath him. Yes...yes, this was it. He was going to fill that gap, fill it nicely...down he fell as the wall came up to meet him until finally he was there, embracing the hard bricks as he slid into place. This is where he was supposed to be. This was right. Their bricks connected and T block had never felt so happy in his life. Everything around him faded to white. Level 2!

(5:46 PM) Rogue: Oh dear lord:P

(5:46 PM) Mags: *Sporks out own eyes*

(5:46 PM) Rogue: That’s creepy:P

(5:47 PM) Rogue: There’s something seriously wrong with you:P

(5:47 PM) Mags: I know hehe

All those random symbols/letters and such are smilies :P

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I just saw Sumuru.

There are no words.

I think they were trying to say something...

...I'm not exactly sure what it was...
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I had possibly the weirdest and/or lamest dream last night. I think it came from hearing about how the first 2 episodes of Atlantis season 4 were leaked online and some people have seen them already (no, I haven't). The sad part is, I had a dream about watching those episodes of Atlantis. Yep, there can't be anything more exciting with regard to the SG universe, than watching it on tv *snerk*. Except, in this dream, I was watching it from a projector onto a curtain...I don't have any curtains! I can't remember the specifics of what was happening, my dreams aren't usually vivid, but I remember Jack and Dr Weir being in it (I don't know why Jack was in it, when I know he isn't), and something about Jack hooking up with a blonde schoolteacher and 'living happily ever after'. I remember feeling happy that Jack was happy, but sad about Weir (and I'll leave it there for spoilers sake). How strange.

Oh dear. Right now I'm watching Rove, an apparently in a recent survey taken in the US asking "Which fictional hero would you prefer to get you out of a tight spot?", found the top result to be MacGyver! he beat out the likes of Indiana Jones, and James Bond, ROFL! Of course, Rove got some ol' Mac footage (the one with the Russian psychic, can't remember the name) and totally picked it apart, hehe...

And I have those icons I promised!


Me thinks it's time for a few icons changes myself...
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And they taste like crap! XD Ever since getting into the Stargate fandom, I heard people go on about Jaffa cakes, mostly in the UK. But, I was in Woolies yesterday, and there they were. I'd describe the taste as a Terry's Chocolate Orange covered in mold. The jelly-like bit in the middle? WTF? Seriously, that is the most random thing ever. LOL!

Anyways, in following [ profile] starting_gate 's ideas on positive distraction, I did a quick sketch of the Jack/Elizabeth hug from Return part 2. It's a bit scruffy in places, and I'm not completely happy with Lizzie's hair, but I did it like 2am last night, coz I couldn't sleep. Click on the pic for the full size image.

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I've compiled a collage of random pics from my hard drive that offer somewhat of a glimpse into my psyche... tis a scary place...

...some teasers:

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