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This is what happens when you take awesome tv shows off in favour of Australian Idol. I'm forced to entertain myself, dammit!



The story behind it? (you *know* there's one!) here & here.

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I laughed when I read that more Americans were planning to boycott the new Harry Potter film now that Daniel Radcliffe has come out as an Atheist. Gee, I wonder where they got that information - their tv from China, their computer from Microsoft?

Better be careful, those godless vibes will be projected quite strongly from cinema screens, showering the audience with heathenish thoughts and rays of pure evil!

Good on him anyway, I only wish politicians had the balls to do the same thing, then we wouldn't have all that religious bias weighing down on equal rights, health and freedoms issues.

I should be going to see the film next week. I didn't read the books (a little long winded (not Stephanie Meyer long winded, but still :P)) but I have enjoyed the films. And Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint did some excellent interviews on Rove last night.

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The Anglican Church of Australia and Atheists agree on blasphemy no longer being a criminal offence

This is a great step forward in our secular society, especially when it comes to media content. I for one look forward to a more evenly spread debate, and freedom of expression and ideas on television.


Taking on the Goliaths of Doom and The Contradictions of International Conservation Law by Paul Watson

A great take on the state of affairs regarding illegal whaling and the fallout of what is to come from both an ecological and economic standpoint.


Sir David Attenborough gets hate mail from creationists because he doesn't credit 'god'

This one just made me laugh. :P

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"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, of Jews and Hindus, and non-believers."

Awe hell yeah!

Congratulations America! :)

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Look what I came across with my google-fu!

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I know I probably don't have much to say on the US election, we're not exactly up on all the details here, and I get most of my news online nowadays, but yeah, Sarah Palin...hmm...

We've been having a good ol' time making fun of her over here in our media, and it's no secret to anyone on my flist that I am totally against religion having any kind of influence over society, nevermind politics.

I'm not too fond of the title of this piece, 'When Atheists Attack' - it almost seems like we're the hot headed aggressors, when if anything history has proved otherwise. But, I do think it's a good read for my American friends, regardless of your preferences. Just a few things to think about, and it reminded me of RDA's words in the interview below about taking on an objective viewpoint for a second and really taking a look at what's going on. (sorry it's a little long, the political stuff it towards the end if you want to skip the rest - although Steven Segal chucking a woobly over the lights was great for the lulz :P)

Steven Seagal and MacGyver from B Geezy on Vimeo
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On the tail of World Youth Day, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article that actually questions what was going on behind it. It often feels to me as if this country is too lazy, or just doesn't give a damn about anything anymore. Our media coverage is primarily about petrol prices, and which country Rudd is jetting off to for the week (for all you ignorant youngins, this is exactly what Hawke did! Keep your bullshit vote for Australian Idol or Big Brother).

I agree with pretty much everything in this article, and I only wish I were so capable of expressing myself.

"I don't care what people believe in, but I do care that religion impacts on political discourse, public policy and that it stunts the ability of people to think for themselves and question. And that it kills people and causes suffering. But most of all I care that the invisible electric fences that are wired in the minds of children brainwashed by religion are difficult to remove. And impossible if you don't even know they're there."

Red Hot Enlightenment Led Me To Believe In One Fewer God by Catherine Deveny.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:24 pm
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And why aren't murderers on the list?
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This is a wonderful little piece from BBC radio 4 about the place of religion and it's privileges in society . I reckon it's worth a listen be you religiously inclined or not.

3 min Richard Dawkins interview by John Humphrys (right click and save, 1.5Mb)
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This is what happens when you listen to the Ark of Truth commentary and read this article on Pharyngula on the same day...

Daniel talks to god )

And just for shits and giggles, here's the preliminary sketch:

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Hehe, PZ Myers, you slay me. :P - the whole thing was terribly funny, and I love his sense of humour.

(Now I am off to buy Ark of Truth, woot!) XD

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