May. 7th, 2007

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I can only find one word to accurately describe this year's Logies...embarrassing.

My god, I am so sick of them fawning all over the American guests when they come here, hamming up the colloquial 'australiansims'. It just perpetuates all those pathetic little stereotypes used when people don't bother doing research on our country, or by Australians catering to the lowest common denominator.

Another thing I couldn't quite get my head around, was Adam Hills and Dave Hughes' use of old material. As hosts, I thought they could have at least put a little effort in, not that the audience probably noticed unless they were die hard comedy fans such as myself. Fifi wasn't too bad, a little nervous, but it was her first time doing something on that scale, and I was impressed that she held her own against Michael Weatherly, hehe. Speaking of whom, was sporting a fair bit of scruff on his chin, and looking very Daniel-esque ala season 9. I still can't tell whether he actually stumbled walking to the podium or if he was sending up poor Fifi, lol. I did feel sorry for him when he was in the green room when Hamish and Andy, who I used to respect, started in on the personal questions about Jessica Alba. That was something I would have expected from Entertainment Tonight, not those guys. You could see how uncomfortable the poor man was.

Rove again held the most class, and I swear he looked like he was going to cry during that second speech. It was really brave of him to go.

It's odd that the highlight for me was the 'in memorium', in particular the highlights of both Steve Irwin and Belinda Emmett with Damien Leith performing. It was quite touching, and very well put together.

But sadly, all in all, the night was quite disappointing. :(


May. 7th, 2007 09:55 pm
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I was in a snazzy mood, so meh, made some banners for the hell of it.

Brushes credit:

1 Jack/Daniel, 1 Sam/Vala )
1 Daniel/Vala Prometheus Unbound, 2 Daniel/Vala Unending )

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